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Ovarian cysts present the physical characters described in the introductory remarks on ovarian enlargements, the most striking being fluctuation. Recovery from the effects of the anesthesia is more prompt, and the after effects, as nausea and vomiting, are greatly diminished. (Paris), Lecturer upon Clinical Medicine at the Bellevue Hospital Of late this department of medicine has been enriched by important additions to its literature. After the abdomen is opened, proceed directly to the right iliac fossa, having no fear to introduce the whole hand, if gently done. I order the patient to abstain from all food (water excepted) for from eighteen to twenty-four hours before beginning the anthelmintic medication, and at the same time give suitable purgatives, the best of which are, in my estimation, castor oil or dose three or four hours before giving the anthelmintic. It is first filtered, then distilled, then sterilized, then cooled to the temperature of For intramuscular injections the solutions are The solutions thus made are absolutely neutral; "zetonna" there is no need to add sodium hydroxide. Milk ordered, and red, centre coated with white fur. Accidental wounds of this region, more than any others, approximate aseptic wounds.

This compression causes a diminution in the size of any cavities which may be present, and decreases to a large extent the blood supply and, consequently, the physiological activity of the part.


The patient the normal point for the first time and lysis more, with some of darker color, which evidently had been oozing. This is a light field stretcher constructed on the same price lines as Baron Percy's conveyance. The operation benefits by arresting or retarding the circulation in the vessel and sac and thus favoring the formation of a laminated clot. Aprons of bleached" side duck" are made to fit over the footboards, in which position they are secured by leather straps. When the pain aerosol first manifests itself set somebody to baking hot cakes made from flour stirred with water. The cord, in torsion, can be felt tender and swollen; it cannot be felt in strangulated hernia. In the descriptions of individual diseases larger space is accorded to the morbid anatomy, including histological appearances, and to the pathological character. Renal aneurism is specially liable to interfere, by pressure on the ureter and the renal vein, with the functions of the kidney, and hepatic aneurisms often lead to jaundice. If the atropine does not cause the subsidence of the obsti-uction, as evidenced by the passage of flatus and fecal matter, within the first two days, one should not be misled by the apparently general improvement that is often produced into deferring surgical intervention. Instead of the bleeding, or accompanying it, there may be escape of cerebrospinal fluid. Two weeks previously his hernia (of twelve years' standing) had begun to give him pain, which had gradually increased. As long as it remains alkaline, bacteria termo cannot grow in it; it must reach a certain degree of acidity, as one of its conditions, before it becomes a fertile soil for the putrefactive plant. Baron Larrey relates that he had and that, from observation of effects them, he was convinced no kind of transport could be more favourable or more expeditious for the country. Here the oxygen is not diminished, but the matter to be oxidized, being in excess, finds insufficient oxygen for complete combustion.

It is thus rendered impervious to rain. During the past few years, however, there has been no lack of material for statistical inquiry, and the result is to be read in the facts I have stated. He had no set method of treatment to propose, preferring to meet the symptoms as they might arise.

Richardson expressed surprise that there was anyone present who would even coimtenance vaginal hysterectomy. The leather splint's weight is about three pounds, while that of plaster is six pounds.