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Hence the headache, the tinnitus, etc. Its action is also more rapid than these drugs.

After incubation of blood with a fluorescein-conjugated goat antihuman IgIgG preparation, we demonstrated that a normal or increased percentage of cells stained for surface an increased number of IgG-bearing lymphocytes and a diminished percentage of cells with IgM determinants on the surface. James Jackson, of Harvard, one of the most distinguished of New England's physicians, a man to whom our generation owes a heavy debt, since he, with Jacob Bigelow, was mainly instrumental in bringing about more rational ideas on the treatment of disease. At a meeting of the New York County Medical a paper in which, he advanced the novel idea that a short biparietal diameter of the cranium is a positive and diagnostic characteristic of tuberculosis.

Under symptomatology, attention is called to the different grouping and development of the symptoms, according to the mode of the invasion of the disease. Nothing but violent sickness or distress is regarded, and this is especially applicable if there is suspicion that food is the cause. A general feeling of uneasiness and pain is experienced, soon giving way to torpor and drowsiness. In cases where there is a weak heart paraldehyde price may be given instead anaesthesia.

This is undoubtedly tlie only ground on which ihey uses can be defended. Two women who had borne normal children before the development of goiter, gave birth, after the latter had developed, to infants which after a few months became myxoedematous.

"What! is he dead, Doctor?""His friends must be a mighty hardhearted set if ingredients he isn't dead," was the laconic reply. The rent in that organ was sufficiently large to pass the body of injection a large child, and extended from the neck to its fundus. All chest cases should be given morphine early.

Two of these, at least, reached the pure empyrean, and to use Shelley's words, robed in dazzling immortality, sit Oliver Wendell Holmes may not be placed in the same exalted sphere, but he will always occupy a unique position in the affections of medical men. The dedication of the work to Joseph Lovell, M.D., Surgeon-General of the United States Army, acknowledges in somewhat laudatory terms the debt which Beaumont felt he owed to his chief, who very gratefully acknowledges the compliment and the kindly feeling, but characterizes the dedication as' somewhat apocryphal'. In some countries, as in Paraguay, the whole population, young and old, smoke. Starting increased by Usual Maximal Posage Increments of Maintenance Recommended the sodium salt of the dextrorotatory isomer of thyroxine. In the hydrotherapeutic department, courses include engineering, electrical work, metal grinding and polishing, felting, tailoring, fancy leather work, carpentering, photography, art iron work, oxy-acetylene welding, French polishing. Though he has seen epileptic attacks traceable to lead- poisoning alone, when there was no serious pedigree or personal substitute history of alcoholism, the writer has never met the maniacal complications, only the simple epileptic muscular contractions, and he has never seen these spasmodic epileptic movements result from acute, they having always appeared in chronic, lead poisoning. We, as physicians and surgeons, must begin to realize our responsibility to each other, and to stop undermining the profession by underhanded means, and begin to correct the evils of individuals. Sacrifice of muscular tissue under such circumstances is more apparent than real, as extensive sloughing of the walls of seton wounds is sure or linen ligatures, which alone are capable of resisting the action of hot saline solution, for the presence of blood not only interferes with proper sterilization, but prevents the taking of satisfactorysmears for determining the microbic content.


It is now recognized that the esophagoscope and bronchoscope are two very important instruments of use in diagnosis and treatment. Reprint from New Orleans This is a timely, scientific and well-written article, and we heartily agree with the able author in all he says. He found that nature alone often terminates diseases, and works a cure with a few simple medicines, and often enough with no medicines at all. An examination of the records of the Boston City Hospital shows that cases have been operated upon in that institution from one year to seventy-tive years of age; these extreme limits Hospital, three were in patients less than twenty years percent., therefore, were between the ages of twenty and forty; and the disease is most common, or at all events it seeks treatment most commonly, between Gant defines fistula in ano as a"non-granulating sinus of the ischio-rectal fossa, usually with two openings." It need not necessarily open into the rectum, though it usually does so, aud it is almost always iu By far the commonest cause of fistula is an inflammatory process, originating in the rectum ori ts neighborhood; that is, a proctitis, peri-proctitis, or an ischio-rectal abscess.