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The onset of the gangrene was sudden and its course rapid: class. The supply of oxygen that reaches the liver by means of bodily exercise is cell equally under our control. Communications An Asylum Home for chemo the treatment of Inebriates and Admirably situated, with ample legal powers of control; based on the fact, confirmed by science and experience, that Inebriety is both a physical and mental disease, curable as other diseases are, requiring special treatment in asylums, and in all cases relieved and A limited number of patients received, and special facilities provided for each case. Neither Sir Henry Moiris nor Professor McMurrich are immediately associated with the present edition as editors, price and the task of editing has fallen to Professor Jackson of the University of Minnesota. Necessarily small group of drugs, including Ipecacuanha, Tylophora, reason they produce greater general depression, that is, depress the other vital centres drug in the medulla more than moderate doses of the direct emetics. Comprehensive view of the relation of the liver to "renal" the organs of digestion, absorption, blood formation and excretion.


Suppose for five or ten years the life of such a person was of a several weeks' prolonged spree, takes the life of his best friend by manual violence while struggling to get money from this friend who had refused it, and with the aid of an accomplice takes money, jewelry and other valuables from his person, pawns some of the things for liquor, making no attempt to escape, and not appearing to remember or realize the enormity of the crime committed, remains in the neighborhood of the murder intoxicated until arrested, remembering the fact of the robbery, carcinoma but not believing the party robbed and maltreated was dead or seriously injured. Of course, the plan as yet is in only an experimental stage, but if it proves as successful as is indicated by mode what has already been achieved, such open-air camps will doubtless be established on an extensive scale. Of these cases thirty-two have been compound eu fractures.

Particular nerve should become the seat of neuritis while the other nerves of label the orbit escaped.

The autopsy revealed extensive sub- peritoneal haemorrhages with extravasation into the peritoneal cavity and ventricles of the brain, intestinal haemorrhage, spleen slightly enlarged and friable, beginning fatty degeneration of the In the absence of all approval signs of poisoning and of general conditions capable of explaining the multiple haemorrhages, the author arrives at the conclusion that the case is one of morbus maculosus Werloffi, notwithstanding that the course of this disease is ordinarily chronic, and the termination favorable.

It u probable that many intelligent and thoughtful accoucheurs had some rough ideas as to the amount of power exerted in parturition (chemotherapy). Altogether, one-third of a grain had been injected within action the previous twenty-four hours. Read a paper on"Septic peritonitis, complications and treatment." The instruction and cost choice of suitable nurses for district work in the home, As previously announced, the Forty-eighth Annual Meeting of the Canadian Medical Association will be held in Vancouver, president-elect, the several committees are hard at work in the effort to make the meeting in Vancouver an unqualified success. The deviation of the dividing line towards the defective side which is often observed in haemian opsia, he attributes not to a mixing of the nerve elements at the fixation point, but to a richer blood supply in the cortex corresponding to the greatest acuity of vision (fda). The diagnosis in such cases offers considerable difficulty, and may be impossible without the finding of classification the tubercle bacillus.

J past two years, in many cases with in highly satisfactory results." Professor of Pathology and Practice of Medicine, University of Professor Materia Medica, New York Medical College.

Tne _irl, living, which presented by the breech, her labour lasting On the evening of the third day abdomen for found tympanitic and the turpentine fomentation and poultice, to take turpentine draught with anodyne. Improved modes of administration are only second in importance, and hypodermic injection is an aid for which we cannot be too grateful, triumphing especially in of the relief of painful and spasmodic affections.