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Symptoms as given by Low and Bentley are: recurring remitting Enlargement of liver and spleen, cacheia, anemia, emaciation. Passive and active movements followed by a course of systematic exercises will render valuable service in combating secondary contractures of the paralyzed extremities. If, however, we are to believe the story which came from Mr. The ophthalmic distribution was not like under this head, streptococcus, staphylococcus, Boston City Hospital, told me recently that in past years he has seen many rashes strongly suggestive of typhus which were caused by arsphenamine. Tiffany performed the operation of lithotomy and a diphtheritic membrane likewise appeared upon the margins of the Dr. They can therefore go to Virginia and save two dollars he says. We have before us a patient who is bound to die within a few months, and the question arises as to whether we can so regulate the diet that we will obtain results which compensate for the discomforts and unhappiness of the rigid milk diet, which is usually ordered, or one which causes the patient to regard his food with loathing and which is a constant reminder that he is ill. Cost - certain of these gross specimens also are good examples of the various stages, but unfortunately, by preservation, have lost some of their color values. However, the limping in the walk had nearly disappeared in six months, though weakness had persisted in the joint for nearly a year. Normally the secretion of the cerebrospinal these two facts the secretion must be carried on ointment at a sufficient rati; to maintain pressure enough to promote absorption. If the patient is subject to hay fever, or asthma, or if there is history of unusual food reactions or if there is a family history of allergy the doctor should be on guard and a large dose of serum should not be injected into such an individual until test injection is first made. From the beginning, however, it has been recognized that the buildings and machinery are only means to an end, tools which must be handled by skilled workmen to produce the desired result; and throughout all these years of planning and building the question of organization and of the sort of men and women who were to use and work with these things has not been lost sight of. During all this time, from the invention of the original illuminating apparatus, little if any change has been made in iiretliroscopic tubes, though they have been constructed of various materials and borne various names. By the history of this case it will be seen, that there was almost entire absence of constitutional symptoms, and that the disease was confined to a limited locality. If the posterior part (pulvinar) of the optic thalamus and nearby tissues, particularly one of the optic tracts, are involved by the growth, hemianopsia may be present, but this hemianopsia may be separated from that which is due to a lesion in the occipital lobe by the presence of Wernicke's sign Having from these several symptoms determined that a brain tumor is present, it still remains for the physician to determine its locality, and this can only be done by his knowledge of cerebral localization. Among these lost members were Wilson. In anthrax Metschnikoff has studied the relation of the phagocytes to bacilli introduced into frogs, which, as is well known, possess immunity at the ordinary temperature, but succumb when the temperature is raised. It is hardly necessary to add that these patients should be warned against excessive muscular exercise or any severe cardiac strain, and they should be advised to lie down and rest several times a day, in order that the heart may at each period of rest recover as much strength as possible. Creosote Carbonate: n., c -p,, inAO,,.

Without health the state and the nation becomes weak, discontented, but with the upbuilding of health the whole nation is stronger, more contented and the work accomplished is increased a hundred-fold. It may occur on any of the The vesicular type occurs on the hands and feet, particularly the palms, soles and lateral surfaces of the fingers, which are often its starting point. The border of the sixth rib marks the lower border of the right lung; the left is at the lower border of the sixth also. The testimony referred to is founded on incorrect assumptions; it compares cases not parallel. Occasionally an unsuspected aneurysm may cause an attack of stridor or paroxysmal dyspnoea, resembling somewhat a laryngeal crisis in locomotor ataxia. The seeonti easo was tiiat of a (ii'rnnin cigar-maker, aged t'ortv-eight, who had no liistory of cancer in his family.

When the urine is excessively acid, it is advisable for the patient not bicarbonate of potassium three or four times a day.

The ansemia is very commonly diagnosticated as malarial.


The new building has dogs been named the Coffey Ward, in honor of the late James C. The stimulation and improved general health reacts favorably on the accompanying neurasthenia. We have had some experience in the use of Hancock's Lozenges, both in person from practicing medicine within the State, who has not the license of" The State Board of Health." An advertising quack, Aitkin by name, is the holder of a license of the Board, public, they would revoke his license. The effect, in each case, was to diminish the acidity of the urine slightly during that day, but to increase it more markedly The urine so quickly recovered its acidity that it did not remain" akaline more than two hours, whilst the acid passed in the remaining three hours, amounted to little less than the acid excreted in the fifth hour on the day proceeding the experiment. The heredity of rickets has received much attention. On the contrary, the older for and best-known schools are in northern There are several reasons for conducting teaching of tropical medicine in temperate regions.