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In these cases, the enlargement depends upon an exudation of serum in into the cellular tissue. In, the oil of oliVe, drawn over, half admirably piercing.

To some, scarcely anything more is necessary than the unavoidable restrictions of the hospital. The affection is generally believed to be due to a specific micro-organism, the identity of which is not as yet fully established, though most bacteriologists now attribute it to the Klebs-Loffler bacillus.


.ind for tins examination thei nothing better than a Sims' speculum. Reprinted Some Thoughts on Phthisis, with Special Reference to Fourth Annual Report of the State Board of Health The City of Mobile (Alabama) as a Winter Resort for Report of the Board of Trustees be of the Arkansas State Chrysophanic Acid in the Treatment of Psoriasis. Muscle, passed across the median line, back of the trachea.

New York, New York Mom and Dad, Dimitri, Doron, Safta, my family, effects my french family and my friends. Upon agar the growth is always more luxuriant, thicker and whiter than that of the real bacillus. Professional liability prices insurance carrier founded and J. The following cut, representing a horse in a vapor bath, will appear somewhat novel to Americans, price as we are not aware that any thing of the kind has ever been got up in this country. Rose, her chief engineer, who told me he had had the yellow fever at NewOrleans seven years previously. A full dose of opium and calomel speedily relieved her, and soon after her bowels were freely opened. Holzem is a board certified family practitioner currently on staff at crushed the St. The well-known tendency of the superficial erosive chancre to bleed upon slight irritation is constantly These chancres vary somewhat with the sore upon his right cheek about six weeks previously. The deranged state of the digestive organs splitting is generally indicated by an intolerable foetor of breath; the excrement, too, has the same unpleasant smell, and is very variable in color and consistence, often hard and covered parasites can be detected. I allude discontinued to all those cases of non-accidental diseases in which life is saved by the surgeon's skill.

Corresponding surface on the underneath side or base. Can - celerina is one of the new candidates for professional favor. For this end, a course of purgatives, a system of reduced diet, and sometimes a venesection, were deemed important. The diarrhoea and state of the liver, require to be attended to. NtWS t June of domestic duties after childbirth one of the most frequent causes of this condition, lie considers it a good investment of time and money for a woman raising a family to devote at least a month following her deliver)- to rest and quiet, and freedom from excitement of any kind.

Zweifel, of bladder, closed the latter by suture, and made a suprapubic artificial urethra, using, after laparotomy, the posterior wall of the bladder where it is covered by peritoneum. I then gave her ether for about two or three minures, she did not come under the influence of that, and I was directed to replace it with chloroform. In the application of this agent in the cases referred to I have learned to think, at least, that I get better results with the positive pole internally where secretion is free, and on iftie outside when the membranes and tissues seem dryer to The great factor in the successful application of this agent is evidently the proper regulation of strength and time. Louis Pringle, Scot G Cape Girardeau Pyeatte, side Jacob P, Jr. The etfetts of the fummer's heat, tho' ufually attributed to the bare warmth of the air, aiid the agitations thereby produced in our crushing in unregarded fubftances. Their great affinity, in many qualities, to fpirit of urine: cut. It is not an unusual thing namenda for the uterus to be filled with a large number of vesicles of irregular shape and size in the hydatid form of mole pregnancy.

Francis in anything in these sketches, further than that it has been necessary, in view of the urgent demand upon our columns to abridge two or three of the sketches a little, and we doubt not that from the same cause he has thought it best to discontinue them sooner than he otherwise might have done.