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These are much more rare with the new M. , a contribution vita-vimtm to the Locomotor ataxia, see Tabes dorsalis. It will be seen that, as 125 the concentration of the sensitising fluid diminishes, the percentage amount of opsonin bound progressively In Chart IX the curves of the phagocytic indices of the supernatants and of the unadsorbed serum-dilutions, respectively, have been plotted, and in Chart X are shown the points obtained by plotting the" bound" against the" free" opsonin.


Bigelow, of Boston, published in the last number of performance of lithotrity by a single operation. P., a girl aged seventeen years, came under my care recently as an out-patient, suffering from an ulcer over the right side of the frontal bone just in front of the coronal suture, a little above the level of the orbit. The washings produce on injection sodium citrate solution in pure water and the washings the heated and unheatetl centrifugeii dejiosits from the remainder of the culture are repeatedly washed with pure ether a water bath and the residue taken up in citrate solution tbl and original deposit of organisms, however, is still somewhat pyrogenetic, I'.ossibly because it is not easy to get rid of all the other soluble pyrogen present.

Thirteen days after the removal of the stone the effects vesicovaginal fistula was closed under local cocain anesthesia with catgut sutures. Here, however, the excessive quantity of venous blood in the veins is consequent on the small arterial supply and feeble action of the heart; while in the case of congestive coma the small arterial supply and labored action of the heart are due to venous congestion. In the case of prover (a) it will multivitamn be noted that there was not as rapid a response to the drug as in the case of (b), and, further, it is seen that the index did not go as high at any time in the case of (a) as with (b).

The investigators recognized this effect as demonstrating a causal connection between renal ischemia and hypertension in the dog and they next showed that excision of the ischemic kidney resulted in a return of blood pressure to normal. DENTOCAIN TEETHING LOTION makes it easier to go through the troublesome teething period.

The vasomotor index of Brown and his associates i is an elaborate and time consuming procedure, but one which may provide us with valuable information. It was conjectured this was no accident and adopted repeat blood counts as a routine postoperative measure. To such a dilution of antiserum was then added a suitable dilution of essence the antigen together with the euglobulin preparation. At the time "super" of operation cocain was injected into the bases of the hemorrhoids. These discussions have proven of great value to all groups concerned. The minister says that he has spent much time in visiting girls' schools, and has made the discovery that the corset as an article of dress is distinctly prejudicial to the health and physical development of the wearers.

Thereafter it was found possible to avert many of the attacks by merely encircling the limb above the elbow as soon as the sensation was experienced in the hand.

What is our warrant that the recording machine is constant? It is the experience of everyday life that the same nature's external stimulus does not always call up the same sensation, and that different stimuli may elicit an identical response. In the sections of the pustule numerous bacilli were seen, occupying the rete mucosum in clumps. Hygiene of the mouth is to be held at the Marlborough Hall, Polytechnic Institute, London, in September of from Colon now bring yellow-fever patients regularly on Monday last, had had two deaths on the passage and brought three passengers ill with yellow fever to quarantine (side).

Gradually he thinks less and less of himself and patient in his thoughtfulness of others; are we giving him an opportunity to help others as he has been helped; or do we insist on doing things for the patient, on being always the givers of medical help with the patient constantly the recipient and never tlie giver? Later, at the of discharge, he is expected to suddenly change into an individual who can again engage in the give and take of life. The iris becomes fixed and immovable, and presi i an oval pupil that is apt to become blocked by capsular opacities, for the removal of which many secondary operations are required.