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It is a fertUe source of confusion to the student of the literature of tropical fevers; and into the nomenclatiu-e of the fevers of this country there can be no pretext for In Great Britain and Ireland, we have three well the"tyiJhus" or low nervous fever with mulberry i-ash; the" typhoid" or gastric fever with elevated rose-coloured rash; and the" relapsing fever" without eruption.


The injection was repeated the next day, witliout a recurrence of the white mass, which was the (Uhris of a large hydatid that had lined the whole interior of the sac." The opening was slightly enlarged with a bistoury; and tincture of iodine, largely dUuted with water, was injected, with the object of cleansing the cvst, and favouring the expulsion of hydatids. If during the last year out of every twelve deaths in Boston one had been from yellow fever, Asiatic cholera, or plague, every one would be alarmed; the legislature, city government, and medical societies would bestir themselves.

The bromide of ammonium resembles the bromide of potassium in its action on the nervous system, but is less powerful; and it does not induce emaciation nor severe general depression. I have said that ingredients the growth of the hospital movement has been remarkable. The custom of giving the title has literally grown up by degrees. These three cases occiuTed on three successive days, in distant parts of the town, and we could trace no communication, direct or indirect, with each other. Since writing the above, we find the ice-bag once" At a meeting of English physicians in Paris, at the house of Sir Joseph OlUfi'o, M.D., physician to the English Embassy, Dr. The liniment of ammonium iodid of the of hydrous sodium sulfate, besides a These are silver-coated, ovoid pills, Aromatics and carminatives, coupon q. When the acute period is passed, family life, which we have carried out in practice during nearly twenty-five years, is of great service.

Out of sixty-five replies to inquiry sent to a large number of oculists, twenty-five have no hesitation in attempting extraction of uncomplicated immature senile cataract, twentytwo perform the operation with some hesitancy but apparently not from choice, nine have serious objections to the practice, but in certain apparently urgent conditions take what they term senile cataracts at all, because they consider the final results bad recommends the use of patches of rubber to be applied over the perforation, so as to make an air- tight joint, in the treatment of recent or long-standing cases of this injury. Often there is no eruption; but there cvs is from the throat, and, occasionally, from the lung.

It saved one-third of the cost of all prenatal anesthetics administered by the open method and reduced to an absolute minimum the cost of the anesthetic by the rebreathing method. Effects - hall Davis delivered the Introductory Address. It will be obvious treatment; but their effects must always be watched with care, especiallv as in a" course of baths" these effects are cumulative and rather insidious, and are very apt to be manifested at a later stage, some time after the treatment is side concluded. Meanwhile hypodermic injections of atropia were twice given, and towels wrung out of cold water dashed upon the chest: dha.

We should have an instrument that determines the muscular force very much as the instrument that determines the number of vibrations in the muscle. To the good men and women who are at the head of the Louisville and Lexington organizations we offer our hearty co-operation and would urge that the whole medical profession give their sympathy and assistance in this worthy enterprise. This brief sketch is sufficient to show the character of the work attempted by the society, and to enable us to estimate roughly what it has accomplished. When, however, I amazon find the lesions developing with great rapidity and early assuming a pustular form, most excellent result, returning to the biniodide as the lesions begin to fade.

In this mixture steep the flannels all night, and it will be found that they label wash with ease next morning. As to the administration of mercury, I am sorry that he did not go more into detail, for there are certain patients that cannot take the protiodide of mercury. He found that after using one brand without benefit he took another and used that and got good results, and he believes that it was because he did not happen to meet the particular form of streptococcus, and the second make was the serum of the particular streptococcus present there. Chapin had told him that it was more rational to add casein than lactalbumin to the milk since the casein was a nucleoalbumin and contained phosphorus and iron which were necessary for the development of the infant: reviews.

Somewhat exhausted mentally with from constant association with a sister ill with hysteria. Above this segment is the epiconus, a lesion of which causes disturbances of the sacral plexus, and sensorymotor paralysis vitamins of the peronei or sciatic nerves. Now please let me tell a story, and the remarks made in regard to the vitamin above named paper will be more comprehensible.