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The quantity of serum and virus injected varies with the size and condition "effects" of the animal.

These symptoms often come on gradually, the patient's heart steadily becoming weaker and weaker; patients of this kind may lie a week or ten days in a state of prostration. Later, thickened caps broths and gruels may be employed, and still later, orange juice. All that can properly he done in this case is to ajDjily a well-constructed truss; taking care ujjon the one "60" hand that the spring shall not be too firm, and upon the other liaiid.

The room should, for ol In many cases the patient will feel relief from the applicati care must l)e tiiken that the patient is not exposed to chill, and tb: irritation, a sinapism or spongio-piline placed in hot water and spri with turpentine will be of service. A very buy complete representation of the whole science. This is a preventable disease, and should not spread epidemically. Formula - such t jxins may be the result of the functions of the cells; they are then normal products which become hurtful through their production in exaggerated quantity, or their alteration under the influence of a hereditary or acquired predisposition, or by transient or permanent alteration of the fluids of the body. From the differences in their methods of sporulation, the two divisions here classified as telosporidia and neosporidia were named by Metchnikoff" Sporozoaires arise the spores, but in different ways in diftercnt cases.

The writer does not desire to imply that the general section is badly written, but merely that it is disproportionately large and contains much matter that has no practical application.

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(in,) To relieve pain, by administering sedatives and demulcents. Fresh, clear and side practical, covering the ground thoroughly, and well arranged for rapid reference, so that it will be of special value to the student and busy practitioner. Or they suffer from hallucinations. The whitish nodules on the surface of the liver consist of fibrous tissue containing eggs (Symmers). The same may be said of the rarer cases occurring in connection with cellulitis, local abscesses, etc. You will perhaps liear of patients that after having had a fistula cut, have afterwards never fully regained the power over their sphincter, and as a result have suffered rx more or less from incontinence of pus. To take over entire practice ultimately and now enter into partnership agreement until final termination of practice occurs. Thick leather that has been made herbal soft by soaking in warm water and then shaping it to the part makes a more satisfactory splint. Above this the lung was resonant, and auscultation discovered moist rales.