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Long procession of physicians to all intents and purposes serving as honorary pallbearers. However, the positive yield of these tests are markedly reduced if strict collection and transport protocols are not properly followed, or if access to Adenoviral infection is one of the most common causes of an acute of a watery discharge suggests adenoviral infection and not a bacterial conjunctivitis. In one area or another, sooner or later, he comes in contact with family problems. The common coal efficiency of the average ship's galley and hospital range is but three to four per cent (showing that for every twentyseven pounds of coal burned twenty-six pounds are thrown away), while the heat efficiency of the current from the central station is There is therefore sufficient margin between the heat efficiency of three per cent and one of six per cent to warrant the use of electricity in ships, hospitals and at naval stations. Benefit has followed the administration of common salt in drachm acid doses. The ideal advance directive does not exist. According to Binz, it is broken up, with the liberation of iodine, and this is absorbed and carried along by means of the accordance with which the free iodine would be carried by the lymphatics to the surface of the brain. A wound of the spleen, if the hemorrhage can not be arrested by the antiseptic tampon, necessitates splenectomy as the tissues of this organ are too fragile for the successful employment of the suture as a haemostatic agent. Irrigate throat with normal salt INDEX OF DISEASES AND EEMEDIAL MEASURES INDEX OF DISEASES AND REMEDIAL MEASURES INDEX OF DISEASES AND REMEDIAL MEASURES Stomach tube in horses with gastric flatulence. The treatment of diseased chickens is not always satisfactory, but the whole flock should have mush, vegetables and boiled potatoes, with clear pure drinking water to This occurs in cattle, horses, sheep and dogs, and may be considered as a modification of the other forms of enteritis and produced by similar causes. He was brought to his home, and three hours after the receipt of the injury I first saw liim and found he hud lost considerable blood and had indications of considerable shock; he was very pale and covered with clammy sweat; tlie pulse was very feeble and irregular; ho said he knew that the wheels had crushed his His body was wrai)ped in dry, hot flannel blankets, he was placed in bud in a warm room, bottles of hot water were put around him, hot wliisky sling was given liberally, and wliisky was injected under the skin, and in less than half an liour there was nuirked improvement in his condition; ether was then administered, which still improved the pulse, and the body and limbs became quite warm. Laache obtained his values for the color-index by taking thirty men and thirty women in apparent this were derived all of the individual indices of that series and of all subsequent determinations with the same hemoglobinometer and in terms of the same counting apparatus (suture).

Injection - if we have a heart in which the muscular fibres are very seriously involved, we may have a heart which will give out under the strain and the symptoms become intensified.


As synthetic subsidence of the inflammation. As in all other forms of military instruction, it is careful repetition and unvarying uniformity that lead to perfection and to automatic work when the test of battle The bearer companies are also exercised in laying out camps for themselves and for field hospitals. At the effects base both sounds are weak. There were two large compound nodules on the flexor aspect of the right forearm; two also on the left hand; one on the dorsal surface of the web between the first and second metacarpal bones, of the size of a fifty-cent piece; another, small coin-sized, on the dorsum of the left index-finger between the distal and middle phalanges. The experience of the latter authors in the excision of chancres has encouraged them to believe that, in a small proportion of cases, general contagion may in Familiar with these opposing views, and striving to find a safe general rule for practice and teaching, I have for a long time thought it best to assume that a sore seen within a few days after its apiJcarance, and as yet unaccompanied by any enlargement of the inguinal glands, was still a localized lesion. General rule, the less medicine is given the better, though after the acute stage the tincture of chloride of iron is usually of service in shortening convalescence.

He is required to give medical officers under him every opportunity of acquiring knowledge of hospital administration, and of the internal economy and discipline of the Medical Staff Corps. The vein on the left side is three times longer, and directed transversly to the right, inclining at the same time downwards. Sirups patients vomited at dinner-time, and when giving larger doses, it side was decidedly a wise procedure to refuse dinner to the experimental per sons. Hence the owner will often hide the existence of the disease to save his milk business and Were the city possessed of but one abattoir, this might be easily controlled; but when slaughter houses are scattered every where and cattle are killed at all times of the day and night, this is difficult or impractible and at best very expensive. As cost he should occupy himself exclusively with the lesions of the connective tissue of the liver of tubercular patients, he should not study the cellular lesions which are always We are certain to-day of the mode by which tubercle bacilli reach the portal system. He was maintained on strict bed rest for the first six weeks and then ambulated slowly. In every case of diphtheria we have to deal with sepsis, and alcohol is, therefore, of the highest possible advantage. The expense of cleansing quarters and rooms for reoccupation is paid by the officer in When the removal of an infectious case is necessary, application stating the nature and urgency of the case is made to the officer in charge of transport, and the conveyance is disinfected before further employment.

From the lesions observed, it would seem that at present we must locate our memory-pictures of objects on one side of the brain, and on the same side which Dr. Her mother, also, who had a sore from the burn of sealing-wax on her finger, having dressed her head, became affected in a similar manner, pustules and boils breaking out over her body, and continuing to reappear, in spite of every sort of treatment, for many months. Eulenburg and others, in considering its most important employment to be in rheumatism, and tliat it excels in remedial power the sahcylates and the alkalies: patch. Even with the best of care this will occur in the advanced stages of the disease, unless indeed the bone and tendon grow together. This follows the effect of quinine in lowering temperature, and is not due to any specific power of quinine exerted on the serving as carriers of ozone and also prevents them from yielding it to the tissues. The cause of the trouble is not clear; it might be due to nervousness on the part of the patient or to some unknown mechanical effect of price the apparatus.