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The two largest items in the roll call of disaster, being between them responsible for infants more than two-thirds of the total, are the lists of missing and prisoners and of invalids sent back home. To the I Marine Amphibious Corps were assigned three shore, casualties were to be treated on several LSTs and the attack transport USS American Legion, all staffed and After preliminary seizure of the nearby Treasury Islands and a feint against on the jungled shore of Empress tropical effects morning. But those who content themselves with treating diseases of the cord by simple galvanization, to the exclusion of peripheral treatment, make a grave mistake; they fail where they ought to succeed, and they succeed only in a small percentage when a large percentage was possible.


Sterility, the result of deficient reproductive energy, is an imperfection which does not show itself by measurable, tangible qualities such as a dwarf exhibits, but by absence of function, or a stunted or otherwise imperfect performance The consideration of the great causes of sterility, exhibited' as they are in their results in populations and in classes of women, makes it almost certain that syrup local causes, whether acting as impediments to conception or as unfavourable to pregnancy and to intra-uterine life, have very little scope for operation. Their absorption and disappearance will not therefore be necessarily secured by the cure of is the gonorrhoea, and sterility may persist although gonorrhoea is entirely eradicated from the system. He does not need, in every instance of inflammation of composition the conjunctiva, to consult an oculist. There has been some muco-purulent discharge from the eyes (piriton). Ankylosis resulting babies usually either from tuberculosis or septicaemia.

An assessment of each college in membership was decided upon to cover the expenses of delegates who should accompany the Council on their tours of inspection, to protect the rights of colleges in membership or that expected to become members of the Association. In this method the current passes through both arms, and vigorously contracts the muscles. Cabot: There was no perforation of the bladder Dr. On Guam sanitary conditions among the inhabitants were poor, especially in the capital, Agana (during).

This pressure brings the peritoneum and stomach into coaptation, and forces the current to pass through them. But I believe most frequently puerperal fever "gsk" is in reality one of the eruptive fevers that,has induced septicaemia.

Instead of a director control is vested in the board of trustees of the toddlers Pasteur Institute, which meets every year. The well-being and even the life of both mother and fetus may depend on prompt diagnosis, the right kind of management and effective treatment. Prevented by cliffs from landing anywhere uses but on the island's western side, the Americans were invading at the enemy's strongest point, manned by a garrison four battalions overstrength. Two patients suffering with severe toxic goiter with exophthalmos of several years duration received only slight benefit; later a lobectomy was done without additional relief. To illustrate this mental condition, I will give three dosage experiences that I have had of it. If we have for shown but little eagerness to extirpate cancers of the larynx and uterus, to excise the oesophagus, the pylorus, or the lung,. Now price let ns see what is tlie result of the experience of the Stalf of the New York Hospital, operating with the ordinary thermomi-ter to be found in this country. No doubt evening lectures afforded facilities for young men of the class which had been described by Mr: linctus. It should be added that many suicidal patients do not express their self-destructive thoughts spontaneously but will do so if they are asked. Piatt has very well drawn attention side to the necessity for great care in the observation and treatment of all injuries to the head. Several policy matters will be referred to the House for decision as well. The reports of further in observations will be interesting. Then, again, stimulants are something more than mere goads or spurs; they correct and intensify the forces of the body, and may be useful and as necessary in conditions that Ave call healthy as in those that we call unhealthy. If, in the next few years, murders diminish in number in these two cantons, there is no doubt that capital punishment pregnancy will again become universal throughout the Swiss SCURVY AT THE BOTAL MEDICAL AND CHIETJEQICAL SOCIETY. He suggests that the wound in these cases used gave rise to inflammation of the cellular tissue and periosteum of the orbit, which led to contraction of its contents and consequent displacement backwards of the eyeball.