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There was a good deal of congestion of the pharynx and tonsils, but no exudate was visible. I have neither the material nor am I sufficiently versed in statistical studies to go more deeply into this phase of the subject.

We are enabled to state, on official authority, price that Consul Tlowden, localised at Nedjef, and that Bagdad and Busreh are clean.

These become reduced in number and become altered in size and staining property.

A relaxed insert and pendulous abdomen.


Candidates should lodge their testimonials with the resident medical TORBAY jama HOSPITAL AND PROVIDENT DISPENSARY, To tqnay- Junior for the Borough and Port of Kingston-upon-Hull, vice J.

Owens prescribed two or three drops of a solution containing two grains of atropine to the ounce of water to bo instilled into the eyes three times within an hour on a Thursday morning, and again tlir(!e times during that day, three times (luring Friday, and once on Saturday.

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She rallied well from the ether. In one case there The prevention of plague seems to be reduced to very simple principles (label). This, however, would not only change, it would revolutionise, our whole hospital system; and before so great an innovation is made, a deliberate and public pi inquiry should be held into all the facts of the case. Practitioners who dispense their own medicines will recognise these preparations as a great convenience: amgen. (Word hiindness.) When asked to write his name he spelled," M-o-r-d" to himself, and then wrote, forminj' the lett(Ms perfeelly. The extinction of the white race, the exuberant vitality of the negro and the growing curse to the population, the negro half-breed. On board, stopped at Sierra Leone for consultation with two British ships, the Chepstow Castle and the Tahiti, the Chepstow Castle acting as a transport for New Zealand troops, the Tahiti carrying navy ratings from East Africa. In connection with the preceding, and as opposed to the extreme views mentioned before, I wish before closing to lay special stress upon this point, viz., that I consider as most unwarrantable the assertion, that because phthisis develops in any subject who, several years before, has had pleurisy, the two diseases in every case are necessarily dependent upon each other, the intervening period having been one As an example, let me cite the following case: A man, now thirty-eight years of age, eleven years ago developed a sudden acute pleurisy, with effusion on the right side, for which he was aspirated by my father, after which he recovered quickly, but three months later was attacked with similar symptoms on the left side, for which he entered the City Hospital, where the fluid gradually disappeared without aspiration. He subsequently served in the Winchester flag-ship at the Cape of Good Hope, the Victory at Portsmouth, at Chatham, and afterwards to Woolwich Dockyard, the medical charge Royal College of Surgeons of England, an honour which he highly appreciated, as testifying to the estimation in which he was held by Sir Charles Bell, Sir Benjamin Brodie, and other eminent men to whom he was well known in his London student life. Prescribing - what I find to agree very much better than the oil, is a film of glycerine, under which healing takes place much more rapidly. In the centre of the cul-de-sac a transverse strand, like a scar, can be the speculum two granulation points can be seen in the transverse ridge and with great difficulty a silver probe can be forced through one of them (package). Having been informed by an Army veterinarian that there were at least three veterinarians in the service, having less than account of wounds, accidents and diseases contracted in the line of duty, it seemed of vital importance that these men, among whom are some of the brightest men in the service, should not be ruthlessly thrown out of the Army with three months' If the committee has been misinformed regarding these men, it begs leave to be corrected.

I think there is no doubt that most of the cases I have seen have been marked iu the pulse and the whole condition of the patient within a few hours occurring without any known cause, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse; changes in the character, strength and rapidity of the pulse, in the condition of respiration, and in the amount of consciousness present. The exaggerated accounts regarding size holds good not only of this animal, but of many, and indeed all, the large whales: information.

This was blistered with biniodide of mercury. Walter Bensel, chief of the Division of Medical School Inspection, Department of Health, for permission wiki to publish this brief report.