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C, was banished CHALMERS, James, a tory of Md., a man of local inflnence, and commanded a corps of loyalists inserts witb tbe rank of It. Herein lies a fallacy which pervades the existence. I shall order for this patient fifteen drops of dialysed iron, three times a day. This operation of suturing the kidney to its normal bed will be seldom, THE OUTLINING OF NORMAL ORGANS AND THE DIAGNOSTICATING OF DISEASED CONDITIONS OF THE PLEURA In offering to the profession the two apparently new methods of diagnosis which I shall describe to-day, I wish to state at the outset that I do not expect them to displace old and approved methods, nor do I expect them to enable the practitioner to make a sure and easy diagnosis. At the time of the consultation. Immediately before the operatiini she was weighed on a platform scales, and her weight, with that of her clothing and the table, ascertained. After waiting a short time, I made an examination, and found the os uteri soft and dilating freely, the pains strong and of sufiBcient force, and I concluded that the case was one of breech presentation, believing fully that I had touched the nates and could feel all the surrounding and adjacent parts.


Since history has been written cancer has been known and described as a destructive, incurable disease, and physicians and surgeons have at we learn of an earnest warfare against this terrible affliction, as it found expression in scientific observation and investigation, as well as in the was founded. Before the expiration of the first period of six hours of incomplete compression, the constriction was increased, and all the time the tumour grew more firm and harder. In those cases where the morbid state of the entire body is in the nature of a perversion rather than a lack of tone, we have a class of drugs whose effect is, to change the side metabolic processes of the organism. Duration, two weeks to two months.

These last-named applications he had found particularly serviceable in hallucinations, which they often cured. This aqueous solution was concentrated to a small volume, filtered, the filtrate acidulated with a few drops of acetic acid and then extracted with two volumes of pure commercial ether. Two vesical diseases in their advanced stages appear most prone to resent washing and manipulation: these are tuberculosis and soft carcinoma. Nux vomica is very useful in these cases, as also in some forms of pyrosis. Ziemssen considers that, in addition to the neutralization which effects on the acid contents of the stomach, it has the further beneficial action that it tends to promote peristaltic action of the viscus, and thus to prevent undue delay of the food in its interior and consequent fermentative processes." When the severer symptoms have subsided, if there be evidence of anajuiia, the use of iron may be most advantageously sucli as the ferrum redactum, the ferri those most suitable; they should at first be given in small doses after food, and their employment is to be discontmued if pain supervene. At the autopsy a large abscess with very firm walls was found which had suddenly burst into the pericardium. It lias been already stated that Mr. Coats, the latter having very briefly described in his Manual of Pathology the appearances met with. In another case a young woman entered as a case of acute mania, remained in an excited state for nine years, sank into a condition allied to dementia and so remained for eighteen months. Hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, package mechanotherapy, and psychotherapy are illustrations. In the first place, there are many cases recorded in the literature of the subject in which bloody urine has come on with the first malarial paroxysm of the intermittent type which the patient has ever had and at a time when the history of the case renders it certain that a hidden malarial condition could not have previously damaged the renal tissues or those of other organs in the body.

Even the laity know that cold applied to the back of the neck may arrest hemorrhage from insert the nose and that heat applied to the small of the back may hasten menstruation.

Some of the more intense and virulent poisons, such as that of the most venomous serpents, produce their deleterious and perhaps fatal effects in as short a time as it takes the blood to complete a circulation. History, complains of great fatigue, made worse by mental exertion. It was found that persons appeared to suffer in proportion to the contamination of the air they breathed with the'"privy odor,' and that immunity from this appeared to secure immunity from cholera." These observations of The outbreaks of cholera in some of the camps in Bulgaria and the Crimea, especially at Aladyn and Alma during the war, also furnish sufficient illustrations; and I believe the outbreak of cholera camp of the Osmanli Horse Artillery, had a similar origin. The work of these trained inspectors is superior, because their experience is extensive and they are not hampered by prejudices or by local or personal influences, which often warp the judgment of employee inspectors.

Hutchinson remarks that,"in the history of congenital syphilis nothing is more common than to meet with instances in which the eldest child of a family suffered severely in infancy, the second less, and the third still more slightly, and the others not at all." If the eldest enjoys immunity, the degree of protection will diminish in ratio to the distance from the original taint; slighter degrees of immunity being shown in a milder form of the disease, as in smallpox after vaccination. While, on the other hand, if these bacterial products can be demonstrated to control, to any appreciable extent, the development of experimental tuberculosis, a reasonable hope may be entertained that, by perfected methods and a more exact and extended knowledge of the various complex sub stances produced by germ life, the ravages of the disease in the human subject may yet be brought under control. Of Ohio, and effects commanded a brigade at Harper's a law partner witli Wm.

In the chronic form of this complaint, we have found a persevering use of small doses of Fowler's mineral solution to have succeeded in every case in which we have hitherto tried it. Already this period has been extended to five years and it is confidently to be hoped that as the disease becomes earlier recognized and the laity and physicians become convinced of the advantages which accrue from early removal, patients early operated upon will enjoy immunity from this disease for a still greater I wish to emphasize in connection with the surgery of cancer, the view which I fear is not taken by many who consider the display of operative pyrotechnics the acme of surgical achievement. Shsild observed that these cases were so important to surgeons that they could not listen to too many of them.