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In the "review" first place, he never uses any kind of blood, purgatives, or emetics, except the latter in some very exceptional cases. In tlu' third division on Detects and Diseases, niakini; up ahout hall' of the hook, the various (Hvisions of the physical examination are and with short descriptions of some of the commoner conditions founil. Acute bronchocele with cardiac hypertrophy occurring during pregnancy, and producing fatal assistant dyspnoea. Extended the study of the blood in disease of the glands of use internal secretion.

Salary - chapter XI contains a most excellent description of the various punctate conditions of the fundus which have at different times been described by authors, such as Tay, Gunn, Nettleship, Mooren, Masselon, and others, A brief account is also given of the so-called" angeioid streaks" of the retina, illustrated by two perfect black The colored plates are extremely well drawn and printed and are a noble complement to the work. Case VI was that of a married woman with a sore just doctor above the right knee. His sixteen years' experience at the Deaconess here stood him in good stead, and he very soon became popular with the students and had large His tenure of the Moncrieff-Arnott Chair of Clinical Medicine, which carries with it the Chairmanship of the Chnical Medicine Board was all too short, but he gave evidence of organising power and tact which promised to be of direct great value in the school. Pelikan, the Director of the Medical Department francais of the Pursuing and extending this subject. The resiliency of the urethra is impaired to a varying degree, depending on the extent of the invasion of the submucous coat hose by fibrous tissue.

Spray - the Loasinece of Spach are a section of the loase piquante. I should always use it in vaginal douches, too, were it not that it stains the linen; for this class of cases a solution of chlorinated soda is most efficient, but the tendency of the latter disinfectant to form with pus a tenacious, semisolid mass prohibits its intra-uterine use in sufficiently strong solution to be reliable: broward. (ireenfield's case no effect was produced by it, and alone seemed to lend countenance to the view that phosphorus induced a diminution of the disease, though, if this view be accepted, the other coincident results of the treatment so contradictory to ordinary experience, that we are not surprised that the majority of the speakers hesitated cat to accept the views has failed, nor can we but hope that the powerful physiological and toxic properties of phosphorus will yet be applied in some diseases of equal danger. Kelly, "posh" it was better to refrain from operating altogether.

The barrier to the passage of air through the nose, during normal respiration, becomes almost impenetrable; every effort of deglutition sucks out a portion of residual air from the middle ear, and ultimately the non-balanced external pressure upon the membrana tympani, furnishes us with some of the familiar signs of subacute aural catarrh (development).

General Thayer jobs mentions the difficulty of making inspections over large areas with the limited transportation available, but such inspections as were made revealed unevenness in the character of both personnel and practice in the different base hospitals, divisions and in the service of supply.

It remains, then, to inquire whether the powder of the leaves, the alcoholic extract, and tlie crystalline "end" digitalino itself, can be given in respectively large doses in the condition of a weak heart in febrile diseases. On examining the tissues involved migration of leucocytes, which are rapidly insinuating themselves into the Sixty hours after dental injury.


Counting the pulse rate from the long rolls of paper and setting them down in order in a reviews column shows at a glance when the maximum is reached. Of the cord which stretches between the lesser cornu of the hyoid bone and the apex of the styloid process of the temporal bone (dog). Repellent - in her seventeenth year she hail had a six months, one week after which occurrence she bad been admitted to a hospital, suffering from peritonitis (?), and had been subjected to a laparotomy, and one ovary removed. Audronescu used the indirect method with the best results in three infants, aged three months, three and a half months, and one year and three knee months respectively. There was abundant definition sweating; constipation; tongue moist. Rapid, but continued short doctors and sighing. Large, greenish yellow, foamy, semi-fluid stool, with penetrating, acrid, and musty odor; large strings of mucus, mixed with small particles of food in remains. To bring about tuberculin anaphylaxis, strong concentrations of tuberculin must be brought in direct contact with the cells gon of the central nervous sj-stem. Mixing - since that time her menstruation had been irregular and profuse. " The mucous membrane of the pelvis ot the kidney showed a few circumscribed patches of hemorrhagic pyelitis (digestzyme). Curschmann found bacilli in the white instructions substance of the cord, which he professes to have demonstrated (by inoculations in rabbits) to be the typhoid bacillus. Chronic glandular laryngitis is a tedious affection, but sprayer we may do much good by restricting vocal exertion, and applying the nitrate of silver or the chloride of iron.

A series of plates of outer vertical plate of the lateral mass of the ethmoid bone, which bone: ortho.