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There was about half a pint of the bloody abbott urinous fluid in the pelvis, and when this had in extent was exposed; it extended diagonally across the fundus, having a direction from before backwards, and from right to left. Seguin made numerous experiments of this kind, with folutions of muriate of mercury, on fyphilitlc patients. The turbidity nutrition was found to be due to innumerable typhoid organisms. The latter means alone is capable of repairing and healing lesions, of restoring strength and tissue, and of equalizing the receipts and expenses of the organism. In the cafes of pulmonary confumption, the left fide of the lungs is perhaps always much more difeafed by tubercles than the right; but in other difeafes the right is as much difeafed as the left. These varieties constitute two well-marked types of the disease, but Eieder in his atlas of the blood has described and illustrated an intermediate form, to which he has given the name of"gemischte leuksemia." Further discussion of the differential characters of these yarieties of leukaemia may be left over tmtil I have described splenomedullary form, and referred more briefly to other cases of the disease which have from time to time come under my observation, Thorwald T., aged eighteen, a Norwegian sailor, was admitted since the preceding day.

But in dropsy it has a further action; and after its administration the fluid which has been effused into the tissues is often seen rapidly to disappear at the same time that the urine has been increased.

It occurs most commonly as a thrombosis of the pulmonary effects artery or its branches in tuber culosis of the lungs. In another series of experiments, instead of grafting only the tail to the body facts of another larva, a small portion of the trunk, say about four segments, including a portion of the yolk mass, was transplanted to the body of a larva of the other species, from which the same amount had been cut off.

The faid Board hold their meetings at Somerfet-PIace, and is compofed of the following perfons, viz. Pneumonia or Inflammation of the Lungs Acute Croupous Pneumonia Catarrhal Pneumonia Chronic or Interstitial Pneumonia. But as the circumitances of difference are conftant and eflential, it may fairly be regarded as a diflinCt fpecies. Content - clinical tests had led him to conclude that scopolamin was not identical with hyoscin, and that it did something more than morphin alone, and that it was safe in proper doses.

In addition the lungs showed numerous 2.0 broncho-pneumonic patches.

This fact renders impracticable my original intention to classify the cases according to the nature of the malformation and I shall speak in particular only of those lesions (seven in number) which are represented by the years are grouped as follows: Patent foramen ovale, patent ductus, pulmonary stenosis, Patent foramen ovale, patent ductus, and transposition of The figures for the first named lesion are so much lower than usually given as to suggest the overlooking autopsies I have held elsewhere than at the Philadelphia Hospital I have found three instances of patent acquired by the museum of the Jefferson Medical College through the courtesy of Dr: 1.5. They have shown that the highly destructive effects noted by firing into sealed vessels filled with liquid were to fiber be noted in the same way when the vessels were unsealed. Sinapisms of moderate strength should be applied to the arms, the thighs, the body, and the nucha. As soon as the patient is in a fit condition warm baths should be employed, carbolic soap being freely used. Loss in weight, gradually progressive, with no equivalent apparent reason, particularly in a young person, at once suggests tuberculosis. The serum of the patients showed increase in agglutinating power as the di.sease progressed, finally giving positive results in a (mouth, pharynx, larj-nx) and skin, occurring in late stages of.syphilis (side). Water is nature's diuretic and should doubtless be used more freely protein than it is in many chronic conditions. Among these may be mentioned cerebral tumor and hydrocephalus, chronic alcoholism, lead intoxication, syphilis and arteriosclerosis; heart disease, especially aortic vs stenosis, mitral insufficiency and nephritis, the acute infectious diseases, scarlet fever, smallpox and whoopingcough, typhoid fever, measles and grip; constipation and parasitic diseases of the intestines; a scar somewhere in the periphery, diseases of the nose, stomach and uterus, a foreign body in the ear, a carious tooth, an adherent prepuce or clitoris; trauma (light or severe); fright, anger, teething, menstruation, worry, excitement and paroxysms of coughing. Yesterday, twenty-four hours before admission, he fell on the brace and had passed jevity a very uncomfortable night.

Several of these cups may be used in a day. Acute inflammation of the larynx are all predisposed to by certain conditions, viz., a lax, weakly, and ill-nourished condition of the system; effeminate habits; immoderate wrapping up of the neck; previous attacks, especially if repeated; and a climate or season characterized by a cold moist atmosphere, cold winds or rapid changes of temperature, the complaint being, therefore, more prevalent during winter and spring. Careful search of the affected tissues failed to disclose the presence of any other In hcpcs this case it is evident that the tissue necrosis, the inflammatory lesions and the gas-cysts were due to infection by the bacillus aerogenes capsulatus.