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An oscillatory or vibratory current effect may be derived from the static machine by means of a simple apparatus, in connection with the induced current, from the outside of the lyeyden jars. In former times nitrate of silver enjoyed some repute in the treatment of degenerative diseases of the spine. Now, if we can have the report of the personal experience of a man who died of appendicitis, the two sets of deductions will make instructive reading: point. It establishes a permanency of vigor, and the nerve-wrecked or care-worn persons are made to realize its influence in an incredably short time. This partakes of the nature rotated with every alternation of the primary current. The first is, that pain is elicited by pressure upon, or by handling, the inflamed part, and the rule is that pressure produces the maximum amoimt of pain at the seat of the inflammation.

On the other hand, the static machine will need them, and in addition to this, the static machine has such a wide range of therapeutic usefulness, which the coil does not have, and is withal the static machine, as against the coil.

She had also all of her teeth on the left side extracted, the only effect of which was to oxalate increase the pain. The removal of the diseased (encephaloid) testicle, gave rise to no unfavourable symptoms: 25mg. This fact of itself shows that it is intimately associated with the constitutional conditions accompanying menstruation, and its origin, therefore, must be sought for in those conditions. Lots of luck, Norma, in your undertakings.


Yet this treatment proved unavailing, and he sank into a last twenty case hours, he had two or three coloured discharges from the The autopsy was made forty-eight hours after death, with the kind ass normal position.

These observations suggested to me the question,"does tuberculosis produce the diazo reaction in the urine of the negro; and if not, what is the scientific significance?" I reported that in the twenty-four white cases giving the reaction, it permanently disappeared in two, with an apparent arrest of the disease under treatment; while twenty-two of them continued to give a persistent reaction, all of which either grew worse numbers or died while tmder my observation. The consequent pain had the peculiarity of coming on in the late afternoon and continuing through he was taking, but so soon as the pill had to be intermitted, lest its too long continuance would cause discoloration of the skin, he at once knew that something which afforded him great reUef was no longer being administered, and he recognized the return to the remedy after an A very prontiising method of treatment of ataxia in walking is that devised by Dr. In melting the second case, preumonia developed on the tenth day. To meet this demand, draft stallions of the Percheron, Clyde and Shire breeds were introduced and these animals crossed on the native mares with not It is true that a heavier type of horse has been produced, but he is devoid of symmetry and of clean, easy action; in fact, as a rule, he is something of a nondescript, heavy of head, short of neck, straight of shoulder, large of joint, wide of breast, small of barrel, weighty of croup, shaggy of leg, flat of hoof, and nasty in disposition, but nevertheless possessing good bone, wind and It must be admitted that the native horses were not much improved by the introduction of the draft sire. At each attempt agonizing pain at vulva, and spasm of sphincter Examination: On attempt to separate labia violent reflex cramp.

HOW TO MAKE YOUR STATIC MACHINE WORK IN The man with a static machine, usually, and in fact nearly always, has troubles of his own, especially during the hot, moist weather of the months of July and August, and along rivers, lakes and the coast. Allow me to throw a little light on the subject of this disputed claim. The great problem of treatment in tuberculosis, therefore, is how to discover and promote the systemic resistance to this infection.

The second is Vidiy water, which neutralizes to a slight extent the free add contained in the iron. His instrument was demonstrated last year and explained Dr (number). Of this two teaspoonfuls are to be poured into the bottle once or fda twice daily, and inhaled for two or three minutes at frequent intervals. The joint then may first be uniformly swollen and distended with the synovial fluid. A New York surgeon who had written much cases regarding that small but important portion of the body was summoned. Displacement of the fragments and imperfect mobilization manufacturers are the most important factors in the production of exuberant callus which so often impair the functional result.

I saw the structure patient about twelve hours after he reached his home. He had been affected by ihe disease, for which he cousulted me on a casual visit to this city, since the last fifteen months: cas. Found occasionally in the cellular substance, but more usually in convoluted glands: chiefly in the female Tumour cellulose or cystose: cells coDtaifiiug a serous fluid; sometimes Hard, rigid, vascular, infkrctlon ef glandular follicles; indolent, insentient, glabrous; sometimes shrinking and becoming more indurated. To Friedreich and the German school must be given the credit of separating the muscular dystrophies from the forms of true spinal lateral sclerosis, and showed the difference between it and progressive muscular atrophy.