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Obstruction of the tij) at a certain point in the ureter and then obstruction of the entering bulb at the same point, and the going by of the bulb with a jump and a sense of scar-tissue grating, are points upon which the experienced cystoscopist may rely with a fair degree of safety; but there are many conditions which may oljstruct a catheter on entering, and it is better to depend upon the" hang" of the bulb, its jump, and scar-tissue grating sensation as it comes only by changing the position of the patient from the kneechest to the right lateral position while using a consideral)le amount of strips force on the catheter with the stylet in.


On the thighs, and back, some of the lesions, although much smaller, are also coiled and in a snake-like manner. The treatment is not special, varying according to the nature of the case; thoracentesis onetouch Contribution to the Medico-Legal Study of Imbecile and of prostitution.

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It will be seen from tlic table that the quantity of calcium in placental serum and in cvs the serum of normal patients is singularly constant.

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Nevertheless, the increased retention, immediately after the operation, on the freestyle same nitrogen intake would appear to support the theory that some toxogenic influence had been removed.

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