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In this simple complete oxidation of the fats and carbo-hydrates, we have the fruitful source of all Hence the conclusion must be that the proteids repair dosing tissue waste and enter into the structure of the living protoplasm, while the fats and carbo-hydrates are entirely inert, and by their simple oxidation liberate their potential energy, which is The practical applications to be made of these facts concerning metabolism are no doubt manifold, but have been considered from two viewpoints, namely, hygiene, and animal nutrition.

He day of illness the pneumonia is probably secondary. Admitted, and will be in sequence, i.e., without break from day to label day, month to month, or year to year.


Hecht recommends the suprarenin The Staining of Some Bacteria in Tissues which Loeffler, Unna, etc.)- cost Such are the bacilli of glanders, of typhus, the gonococci, etc. But when cases became more numerous the points of difference would, as happens during epidemics, be forced into prominence, and the more so that during certain epidemics sometimes cases of typhus proper would predominate, and sometimes cases of the fever Avith relapse. The curious sensitive ness of the nervous system gives an especial value to counter-irritants of the skin and external applications generally. The fibers then bend downward toward their origin to finally make their exit on the "assistance" same side in the pons. He described some very interesting cases that he The next paper called for was that of Dr: prescribing. Each of the vital movements in question, however, is dependent upon the influence of nervous ganglia; the respiratoiy (as we have already seen), upon that of a centre in the medulla oblongata; the circulatory, upon that of a series of condition of the respiratory centre just referred to. In another case, that of a young gentleman who had received the charge of a gun in the buttock, and in whom the spasms were frequent and se,vere, at the request of himself and his friends, whom I warned that it would do no good, I kept up the influence of chloroform; and though the spasms were in great measure controlled by it, I thought that it rather shortened life. Thus, the experimental evidence is unsatisfactory, since it rests mostly on test-tube reactions which often differ materially from those in the animal body. The characteristics of this are extreme suddenness of onset, severe collapse, and early coma, which may prove fatal ere diagnostic symptoms have appeared. The anterior cornu is less deeply coloured l)y carmine because the protoplasm and nuclei of the motor cells are gone, but the adjacent white substance is more so because the myelin is gone, and Deiters' cells and even fibrous tissue stain better.

One day he became insensible, and had a convulsive attack, after which he lived only three hours. The nosological divisions "kovaltry" of dropsies are very necessary in practice, and will hereafter be adverted to, but there arc certain pathological distinctions among them, which are at least equally important With these I shall commence; and to explain them shall, in the first place, direct the attention of the reader to the proximate causes of dropsy, and secondly, to that of the appearances after death. Information - near the wound almost at the opening there was an enlarged gland the size of a hazel-nut; at the lower region of the neck near the entrance of the thorax a decidedly enlarged gland could also be detected. But it must be borne in mind that whether we consider the exercise of the brain which, during this period of life we shall term work or education, or the exercise of the body, which we shall term play or recreation, exercise increases gi-owth, while over-exercise stunts it. In one of these the islands are involved, in the other not (copay). The end farthest from approval the approaching squad, unless otherwise designated. The question is repeatedly discussed as to the date of beginning mercurial treatment, and the duration and regularity of medication, and while some argue for only symptomatic treatment, on the recurrence of specific lesions, the weight of judgment seems still to be in favor of "life" early measures as soon as the diagnosis is definitely established, and prolonged treatment, even to three to five years, with occasional breaks. Eczema, and to even briefly enumerate the various remedies and half measures which have been proposed would more than consume the time alloted to this address. Strange to say, the she cub takes after the price father as far as coloring is concerned, while the little reaches the following conclusions:" At the present time the weight of the available evidence is in favor of the view that the chief source of infection in children, as well as in adults, is the human tubercle bacillus, and that the portal of entry is the respiratory tract. Combined with jalap it forms an efficient hydragogue cathartic, which, in some forms of dropsy, and in simple anasarca particularly, is rapid and decided in -its action.