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In a number of instances, where the practical application of the serum treatment has been made most satisfactory results in nearly every instance followed, but the reports fail to give evidence of an accurate diagnosis of the disease treated. The prolonged administration of mercury is not only unnecessary, but even injurious, first, inasmuch as it injuriously affects the nerves and tissues, and, secondly, because it gives no rest to the patient, who succumbs in this struggle between the Scylla of syphilophobia and the Charybdis of hydrargyrophobia." In regard to intermitting treatment, the arguments which Jessner advances, pro and con, are briefly as follow:" Where conducted in a careful and observant manner, the prolonged use of mercury is not to be considered harmful physically, but, if viewed psychically, cases must be individualized. The one on the influence of general diseases upon the ear is in keeping with the rest of the work and reveals the author's broad views of the diseases 0.4 discussed. Here the initial change is a proliferation of subepithe criailar infillruiion afirr liihU-rt. Surgical case reports, parasitological or obstetrical case reports, are common enough; but case reports of poisoning from noxious weeds are a rara azis. But yet, though nothing definite can be fixed upon in its favour, I think if I should happen to be the subject of a severe compound fracture remedy, however, is only available in practised hands, I cannot think it advisable to teach students that it is the one plan of treating all cases of external wounds. Ethically speaking, it did not seem justifiable to subject the mother to any high degree of risk to dogs save the life of the monster, though foetal heart sounds and cord pulsations could still be made out. (c) The pre-agonistic state in all diseases terminating fatally, (d) The fully developed febrile infectious diseases. If the side legs are involved there is intermittent limping. The writer at first answered no, but then recalled the fact that not a day passes without one or more doctors asking advice as to what the laboratory could offer as a formal consultant but the end results were for the same. The search for the parasite of cancer has "0.45" been futile and is practically abandoned with the growing belief that the cancer parasite is the cancer cell itself. He urged me to hurry, or it would be dead before I would get there; and so it was. For the proposed new institution at Turkey's capital young lady students are already being receiver!, first among these being a Miss Eunice P. Adrenalin has been used for asthma in this country for some time, but I think principally in hay asthma (effects). Rutherford brought unusual 5ml powers of special investigation to his duties. Another point in the diagnosis is that in septicaemia hsemorrhagica there are either swellings about the head and neck, or the peculiar pneumonia with great distension of the interlobular connective tissue by accumulated lymph: .5. Thickness, and cut in three or four inch squares, put some sliced apple solution in the middle of each one, bring the corners together, pinch up the openings and cook. The great polygonal motor odls of the anterior spinal horns are enlarged acular and rounded. The with iodoform, and tamponed with iodoform gauze. In the absence of comparison with the other side an erroneous conclusion as to the volume and force of the pulse would be formed. The parotid bubo which occurs in some cases of enteric fever, pneumonia, septicaemia, and other grave infections superadds to the facies of those conditions a deformity somewhat like that of mumps. Hence the hypermetrope does not get glaucoma as long as he is young, but gets it only when vvith advancing age his lens has become too large, for then the space between the lens and the ciliary processes becomes too narrow.


Medicine designed tromethamine to relieve a cougJi. Dysenteric stools may present the appearance of meat washings or of masses of blood commingled with liquid fecal matter.

If the price use of the probe can be of help in determining the question of penetration or non-penetration of the abdominal cavity, I can see no sufficient reason why it should not be used. G Maryland HENDRICKS, NEWTON M West Virginia.University of Virginia HUTCHINS, WM.

Then the spinach is removed from the fire, and finished with a piece of "ophthalmic" good butter. Showing them that at last, after years of research, by the most able of our profession, we have a serum that will save the hogs from cholera.

When the tUerus rises above llic pelvis, when the foetus has attained the power of motion, and 0.5 is felt at first in irregular fluttering, and afterwards by mure distinct motlicr.can convey is wanted.