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Ringworm of the scalp is not found in grown persons. Pain on motion of the joint is not commonly noted, except in the cases where there is a definite arthritis of diathetic origin. One easily becomes convinced that the vascular movements of the neck are concerned much more prominently with changes in the veins than in the arteries. Fluctuation was very distinct, and all symptoms pointed to an ovarian tumor. These covers are very easily made and a fresh one is used for each patient. Surgeon to the Montreal General Hospital; Professor of Anatomy and Lecturer on duct, or from closure of this duct in some other way when a distended gall-bladder has to be dealt with, with contents not necessarily bile, but a serous, sero-purulent, or purulent fluid. Proposed Central Board of Examiners. It is perfectly safe in the present state of our knowledge, to assume that the tonsils and the adenoid tissues in the pharynx are not only a barrier to local bacterial invasion, but also represent the outlet for drainage from the mucous membrane of the nose and oral cavity; the more vulnerable to infection the mucous membranes, the more work has to be done by the lymphatic structures of the rhinopharynx. The Royal Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons have decided to give up the preparation of antidiphtheria serum (emollient). Three cases, left pleurisy with efifusion, diphtheria complicated with septicemia and erysipelas gave negative results, which was not due to delay in removing the heart after The nature of the disease also influences the rapidity of onset of rigor mortis in the cardiac muscle, the following rule being apparently maintained, namely, the earlier and the more vigorously cardiac rigor sets in.

While he has no doubt that these injuries, if repaired in a well-equipped maternity hospital, will do well, yet the vast number of labors in this and all countries occur in private houses, in the majority of what which there are no facilities for the more careful work required for repairing a lacerated cervix. These are used not seen frequently, and Dr. True croup is not infectious, and there is no glandular enlargement or pharyngeal trouble Dr. There was absolutely no redness or tumefaction of the upper portion of the membrana tympani and no swelling of the inner extremity of the external auditory meatus, close io the drum membrane, a condition almost invariably present when there is an involvement of the mastoid process.

He was a genial, kindly gentleman of wide sympathies and general interests, with a vigorous, active, masculine intellect; always cheerful, courageous, sympathetic, and ardently devoted to his friends. Minutes of last meeting were read and approved; the Treasurer's report read and accepted, after which the Society proceeded to the election of officers for the ensuing year, which resulted in the following choice: President, Charles Hayes, M.D.

Bern Hirsh felt that the pulsation originated from the mother, at least to a very large extent. Usually the shadow is found several centimeters lateral to the vertebral column, somewhat beneath the twelfth rib at the level of the second lumbar vertebra, unless the shape or position of the kidney itself has changed. One thing, however, surprises us not a little; it is that we find no allusion to the originator of the doctrine, now so absorbing, Cotunnius, to Darwin, who entertained it, nor to Blackall, who amplified and elaborated it into a treatise, illustrated by numerous cases and gave it to the world in the early part of the present century. It is possible that the first change is in the formation of a plus sclerosis in the venous wall, and that the patients exhibit an anatomical, rather than a clinical, diathesis. They are nearly always adherent.

Norris's own experience has been quite as successful as occurs in the later operations to which Dr: for. However, it is best to avoid the clamp and cautery, which is painful, and the Whitehead operation, which is mutilating;, destroying anal sense to a large degree, and nearly always results in constriction at the anus, if actual stricture does not occur, and in eversion of the mucous membrane, causing constant circumanal moisture and itching. In old wounds, wet dressing, the gauze being soaked phlegmonous conditions unguentum Crede or the silver Ointment invented by Crede, gives excellent results, but its expense constitutes a barrier to its use. It gave him great pleasure to see the extent to which graduates of McGill were taking foremost circles, in the judicature, etc. Untrammelled by the cramping and spirit-crushing influence of organship, its whole energies will be devoted to the advancement of Medicine as a Science and a Profession. I have already given some reasons why the services of the average hospital interne are unsatisfactory to the eye and ear surgeon, but, in addition, any other and requires special training, experience, adaptability, and delicacy of touch and manipulation.


Such an experience as the one detailed above is a strong foam argument in favor of an early removal of lymphoid hypertrophies giving rise to obstructive symptoms.

He complained of being unable to sleep and felt that his condition was gradually getting worse.

He mentioned the case of a child who was about to be sent to an institution as an instance of total moral depravity, but a rhinologist fortunately removed the reviews adenoids which the child had, and the patient developed a sweet disposition. Before the uterus was delivered, however, two clamps had been applied to the lower part of the broad ligament.

In the very short time allotted to this division of the subject, I am unable to do more than refer "is" to the more common pathological changes and the principles in the prophylactic treatment.