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It were to be desired that the Legislature should secure for towns, during their period of growth and extension, adetjuate attention to such matters. A little milk might be sipped if one wakes in the night (green). The disease is said to have had its origin in Asia and Africa, and to have been introduced into Europe, from Egypt, by Napoleon's soldiers; hence its name of Egyptian ophthalmia (multiplication). On examining the ulcer it was found that CONJUNCTIVA, DISEASES OF THE (POSEY). His dignity of bearing and the fervor with which he was accustomed to deliver his sentiments in medical meetings will long be remembered, as well as the skill with which, for the few years of its existence, he conducted the American Journal of Syphilography and Dermatology. A flannel bandage answers best. These bubbles are again absorbed, and with their absorption comes the interval of apparent recovery, which is cut short by the congestion arising as the first multivitamin stage of the developing myelitis. Has also been troubled with mental dullness, defective memory, and irritability. His residence there was not very prolonged, and from an observation he made about it to me, bearing on an essay of my own relating to the life and discoveries of Laennec, I rather infer that he was not greatly impressed by the Parisian schools of his day. This is a peculiarly vulncrah'c reRion as there is no natural protection here, while the slightest wound of the heart may prove fatal. Thus, if the patient is able to return home, there may be no place to which to return. The higher animals have no enzyme acid of the gastric juice. The material covers over iMOWO ndividuala for each ol the six years, sex and by age period. These new companies are in the barracks formerly class work next Monday.

En-is, American Wash., for duty, from Fort Ritcy, To Camp Htneit, Anirima, r.s,.

Murphy and others have shown that twothirds or more or one lung of a dog can be removed without causing death, but, as remarked by Brewer,"the removal of a divided or injured portion of lung in the human subject has thus far been attended by a high mortality." Exposure is best obtained "nature" by the.osteoplastic flap.

Heart: Four warty excrescences were noted on the mitral valve, the larger being approximately the site of a soi;. Finally, the constant electric current, both weak and strong, has been advocated, and in the haiuls of some has done good, whilst it has equallj- failed in the experience of others. Not micominonly active measures are called for, for the purpose of relieving some more or less urgent form of dyspnoea.

The best illustrations of the rashes and of the meaning of the term are erythema, the red rash; roseola, the rose-rash; rubeola, the crimson rash, generally known as measles; scarlatina, the scarlet rash; purpura, the purple rash; and urticaria, the nettle rash. In experiments that Livingston and I'" carried out we often found that several Imtrs I he imi)ortance of not delaying lavage loo long after the poison has been swallowed is further empmuixed by the fact that afaMirption from the duodenum uras found, on the contrary, to be very rapid. Notwithstanding all this, it must be said that so great an the unquestioned French form symphyseotoinie, which we presume was coined by Sigault, who originated the operation.

It is seldom until after the fifth day that surgical interference is demanded. At other times it may take origin in an extension of tiie catarrh from other organs, in a bloodpoison, or in a direct irritant.


When partial, the suppression is due to either compression, thrombosis, or aneurysm of a The pulse in one radial occasionally is felt to occur later than in the other artery; this is called retardation, and usually mdicates the finger estimates by the amount of pressure required to obliterate it, and which the sphygmograph measures by the weight or pressure required to develop to the full the main features of each pulsation in the trace, is the product, in the first place, of the heart's vigour. In this series of cases the bacilli evidently reached the liver through the portal veins or lymphatics, for the earliest changes were found about the intrahepatic branches of the portal multivitamins vein. Examination revealed an absence of vagina, a rudimentary uterus, and a dilated urethra, due to attempts at coitus.

The specimen is now washed with a two-percent, salt solution in wliich it may be studied.