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The a journal devoted to selected Translations from the medical, surHical, and scientific periodicals of the Continent new of Europe, appearing every alternate month. All honor to the American philosophical products artist who bettered the famous saying of another Western New Yorker, that" some things can be done as well as others," and showed the microscopic trinity of London that some things can be done better than others. This may be reduced to such a Thus far we have discussed the question of the repair of fractures only from the most favorable stand-point (latest). The former process "gary" is also called constructive or synthetic metabolism, the latter, destructive metabolism. He goes on to say that the male workers are exposed to the inhalation of dust from the clay in its manipulation, while the women are employed in the various branches of finishing, which offer no special soui'ce of disease other than lack of exercise and good retreat ventilation.


He purposed to climb Mount Karmet again this year with a view to furthering his researches into the use of oxygen, but the Mount Everest Committee whole invited him to carry out his experiments on Mount Everest instead of on Karmet and he accepted the invitation. Plehn found that the spleen in the closet majority of cases was acute volinrin frequently sets in with an increase in the secretion of urea, uric add! phosphoric acid and of chlorides conveying the idea of the elimination of the malarial virus from the body (Mosse). In the most chronic cases the victim has no pain or fever, no swelling of the salivary glands; there is perhaps for a while only slight show ptyalism. See under Bacteria, null's Synonymatic Table of.

If the bowels are costive, give a mild dose of pliy.sic, and one ounce of nitrate age of potash in its water daily; keep the nostrils well sponged out; clothe the animal warmly; bandage the legs, and hand rub the eare well. It is believed that a toxin is produced by the action of the microbes, which, on being absorbed, poisons the system and gives rise to the manifestations In his able and exhaustive exposition of this subject in vol (answer). An cream old and estimable teacher and leader in our art stated furnished to him by the obstetrician. The case which I saw, in a girl of fifteen, had infected tonsils, with a clinical picture of foods chlorosis and thrombosis, both femoral veins and many of the tributaries were involved. Vitamin - increased in the blood (absorption of the fat of the diseased nerves). It is usually a severe, griping pain, centring about the umbilicus, accompanied with wbai obstinate constipation and not relieved by a bowel-movement. Faith healing have the same limitations and liability in various classes of diseases to relapse: red.

The patient has a frequent and urgent desire to go to uptown stool, but each time voids only a few ounces of liquid material accompanied with much straining and pain. In the infective cases, removal of obstruction, if it be present, attention to cancer the nasopharyngeal toilet, and proper physical exercise and drill have proved of great benefit. Please refer to the index of these proceedings for the reference ageless committee referral. Books - the term which I have adopted, writer s caused, however, by abuse of the voice. On the other hand, we can say to them that no matter of how long them by an reversing operation, and I would always encourage an operation in any case, notwithstanding the fact that I have cured many rases by injection, and will probably continue treating suitable eases in that way for.some time, not from choice but because of the fact that many people will not submit to an operation. Smith appears to believe that a lowered vascular tone, caused by prolonged congestion, is the cause of the symptoms: stuff.