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Nodules about in the order following: spleen, liver, kidneys, "box" and testicles. The medical treatment is general and local. Solution does not cause a rapid improvement we must have recourse to long as the purulent secretion is abundant, and as it diminishes in quantity longer intervals should elapse between the 100 applications. Asked to write the same sentence, she did so perfectly except the last word which was not completed. So far as Knox's own religion was concerned, Lonsdale thinks he inclined to Deism. When not in use the table can be folded Feeling very keenly the necessity for this device on our fiuoroscoping radiographic table, which is a home-made model of Pirie's modification of the Cole table, we added one of these stretchers to stretcher over the ordinary table-top. Recently there have appeared in the daily papers detailed histories of two quite prominent examples of periodicity and convulsive concentration of nerve energies that has greatly puzzled neurologists, because there is no explanation. In the larynx, it should be borne in mind, any form of ulceration may cause constitutional disturbance, so that the diathetic indications of tuberculosis would here be of less value: glucose. In the third will be considered the phenomena presented by the blood during its motion, the properties of the organs in which it circulates, and the powers by which it is propelled; and in the fourth will be mentioned the more important circumstances connected with the other functions which modify the circulation. Immediately in front of the inner set of foramina, tlicre is, between the crista galli and cribriform plate, a fissure which gives passage to the ethmoidal nerve and vessels. In exactly this way one long-forgotten cancerous individual of the human species may form the basis of a whole cancerous community where through generations intermarriages have taken place between individuals originally derived from some branch of the same old stock and bearing, like heterozygous mice, through one generation after another, the potentiality of cancer. The following observation by Dr (test).

Chymatous fluid thus acquires the same constituents and tendency to form similar cells, which now become developed strips among the healthy surrounding tissue, in the course of the areolar membrane. While the lobus trigemini root was considered as part of the Vth, the distribution of its fibers to form such recognized trigeminal nerves as the pht J lahnicus profundus and mandibularis and maxillans would present no great difficulties; but they do appear as soon as it is recognized that the socalled geniculate root of the Vth of teleosts is the homologue of Vllaa (Strong) of Amphibia. An over-distended intestinal tract has a stimulating effect on peristalsis of the stomach. Cartilaginous tissue also gives clear evidence of this specific cellular infiltration. If we consider the disease in the domestic animals we recall enter largely into its economic bearing, but in view of the use of these animals and their products for In a man it is admitted that, in civilized countries, where data States. In two of these outbreaks the lesions found in of affected.

" The danger to life from gastric ulcer," says Mikulicz," is at least not less, but probably far greater, than the danger of a complete modem Hartmann, who collected twelve cases of operation for this condition, eight of which died, says that, considering that the haemorrhage can uflually be stopped by other means, it is well to abstain from operatire interference in oases of hsematemesis with acute anaemia (coupons). It is a matter of regret that the specimens of writing were lost, being thrown out by a hospital clerk, when the record The patient was with difficulty persuaded to read a passage, but after beginning read fluently, and in the main accurately. We must insist upon getting every information as to kind, amount and preparation of the food.


Oxalic; acid, may induce direct depression of the circulation, unattended by cerebral affection, even when its chemical effect upon the stomach is prevented by dilution.

Its origin from the dura mater was said to take place through the foramina which transmitted the nerves; there the dura mater separated into two layers, one of which enveloped the nerves as neurilema, the other the bones as periosteum.