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High frequency appUcations, with a metal intrarectal electrode, will also relieve congestion in these cases, and in that way may reduce the symptoms to a useful degree. Such study, especially so far as it pertains to child life, in order to reach the highest benefit, commands the combined interest of the aurist and the general practitioner. Hospital tents, or some building temporarily occupied, afforded shelter for site the more serious cases who were there treated by the regimental surgeon or his assistants, while milder cases were prescribed for and excused from duty, but continued to occupy their ordinary tents or such other shelter as was provided for the rest of the command. As well as these you need a larfjt- sponge and about eight ounces of sulphuric ether which is usea to put her asleefi. In certain instances all these means will fail us. With regard to the use of the whey and cream "sites" mixtures, or milk mixtures, I find that a frequent cause of failure in getting babies to thrive either on one or the other of these mixtures is that they are not persisted in long enough at a time. A cyst the size of a plum was peeled out of firm adhesions from the under surface of the liver and contained about a dozen daughter The result of the findings at operation led to the conclusion that a dissemination of the hydatids had taken place from rupture of the primary hydatid cyst of the liver and upon questioning the patient it was ascertained that two years previously while carrying a pail of water she had felt a tearing sensation in the thorax. That is true; but which way do the signs shift? That is the important thing. He attended pompous dinners, and grew polite in manners and learned in etiquette.

Local disinfection is the best and only measure necessary. The baby cried a "price" great deal from birth. The growth response of young chicks on different diets, with and without supplemental penicillin, was also determined: firazyr. It has the added advantage that it keeps before the ordinary teacher the elementary principles of the care of the eyes, which they are perhaps hkely to forget when all the defective children are withdrawn from their care.

The patients were all women varying in age from fifty-five to seventy-five years of age. He did not think it was possible to inject fluid into a socket which had inflammation about it, and pockets of pus, without running a risk of driving this pus deeper into the tissues, and no superficial moutli-wash, or cleansing, or rubbing would be of any use to remove those foci of inflammation. Long continued vomiting is the most tenacious symptom of visceral disturbance in hysteria and with one exception is, I believe, considered the most persistent and enduring abnormal manifestation occurring in the hysterical subject. By this means the action of ordinary light upon the plate is With smaller coils longer exposures will be necessary. With currents cxcwdinR an We saw, in considering the question why high-frequency slight amount of ionic displacement; but the production of heat by the currents of the D'Arsonval apparatus was not sufficiently marked to call i stant attention to its importance, although the fact that those currents produced thermal effects was noted and recorded at the outset by Professor D'Arsonval. Some years ago I had a trout-pond, and in October I watched the love-making of the trout, and even secured some eggs from the female and some milt from the male, and fertilized the eggs. Sydney Scott joined in the expressions of appreciation of would like to add the word" subdural" to Mr. Ascites is an accumulation of a serous fluid in the peritoneal cavity.


Contact Bob Hughes, MD, Primary Care Medical Center, Suite having to sell it to pay taxes? can hurt you and your loved ones. In three cases the kidneys were out of their normal position, one kidney being in the normal location, and the other low down in the pelvis. We are sick of the bloody sagas of the skalds, and the fierce berserkers who cried Was-hsd among the reddish fiords. There is no specificity of reductase from any one source in reference to hemoglobin from any other.

RADICAL SURGERY AS AN AID TO EFFICIENT RADIOTHERAPY IN THE APPARENTLY HOPELESS Surgeon to the North Chicago Hospital, Chicago, Illinoia After years of ceaseless search for a specific remedy, surgery still holds first place in the treatment of cancer and will probably retain that place until its cause has been discovered. Assess smoking rates, asking the school to administer the Youth Risk Behavior Survey, of child health concerns. The fibrous is not of much importance and does not need much consideration; it is found in various parts of the body.

Went home improved, and ultimately Was improving at this time, and continued till herecOT Improved; went home: after mo Developed on a neurasthenia; im proved; went away, but remained still Attempted suicide; recovered.