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By the action of calcium salts prothrombin is converted into fibrin ferment, or Thrombin. However, the dialysis, originally code intended for relatively young patients without systemic illnesses, has increasingly been used to treat older persons and those with coexisting illnesses, such as diabetes. They must always be borne in mind in intractable cases or in patients at the cancer period of life. Therefore we should not give pancreatic extracts with the expectation that they would render desirable service in the stomach, but we should rely upon either increasing the supply of ptyalin by slowly masticating the food, or by giving a ferment having similar properties to ptyalin; this we have in diastase (prescribing). Unless we understand every action of a drug, the various effects produced by different doses and by the different modes of administration, we can not prescribe it as we molecular should. Empirical therapeutics is a term applied to such remedies as are used simply because they have been found Rational therapeutics means the use of remedies based on a combined knowledge of their physiological action and of the pathological condition present in the patient.

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