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Three clinical varieties are described by Kraeplin, The onset is usually gradual. Si on diminue au coniraire la quantity des done eu retention de bromure par combinaison. No business was for Bome time transacted at the courts or the State House. In addition to this large and diversified inspecting and visiting service, there is a'Cleansing Service,' consisting of a chief officer, yard men, fumigators, and washers. The problems presenting in the treatment of tetanus with its antitoxin consist in neutralizing, as early as possible, the toxin present in the blood and lymph channels, and at the same time endeavors to bring antitoxin into contact with any of the poison which has passed into the nerves or further into the nerve roots and spinal cord. Upon opening the abdomen of this patient the stomach was found enormously distended, reaching to the pubes.

The lower end is more or less flattened, and expanded laterally, and has on each side processes varying in their degree of development.

Dans Thistoire si complexe des rapports pathologiques de la rate et du foie, Tobservalion que viennent de nous presenter presque specifique, le paludisme; une premiere etape spienomegalique, uue cirrhose k Evolution beaucoup plus rapide, et paraissant d'origine veineuse. In this statement, I do not mean to in moved, by ventral incisions, by Dr. Cocaine and suprarenal had been applied in the beginning, capsules the latter progressively, so that the absence of hemorrhage enabled the eye to follow each step of the work, always presenting a good view of the parts to the last posterior ethmoid cell. During the first week of her stay in the hospital she could hardly move in bed.

Visceroptosis is apt to give rise to uncomfortable sensations, especially in neurasthenics, and, as explained above, spastic constipation is practically only found in patients with abnormally excitable nervous systems. THE JOURNAL OF THE ARKANSAS MEDICAL SOCIETY r. The abdomen over the site of the pylorus contained a tender area, and the splashing sound was elicited below the After its evacuation, the stomach was inflated by means of carbondioxid gas. Before long it was learned that to be able to furnish all articles asked for without delay, supplies sufficient for six months must be kept on hand, and this was done. It has been found by Coates and Cornet in their work in the homes of the tubercular poor, that bacilli are most frequently found near the floor and near the walls, whence the idea came to us that the daily cleaning of the room could be expedited and economized by placing some plain designating mark on the walls to guide the cleaners. How empty earthly pomp and power! Proud bulwarks crumble down to dust, If o'er them adverse fortune lower.

When this patient entered the hospital you will recall that there was a complaint of extreme soreness, and upon the least movement severe pain in the lumbar region, in fact up and down the entire spine. She continued this treatment for a fortnight. Tindoria, a highly valuable dye-stuff: fefol.


Please do not assume that a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. Carter might have as to what constitutes cruelty from a military commander to a common a serious want of moral courage in not holding an inquest in the case of Malone. Results here of course must be less perfect than they would be if greater care were used.

Nocturnal incontinence of the urine; faradization intra-urethral electrode Hypertrophy of prostate-, faradization, one electrode in urethra other in rectum. These must be used with great care, so as to preserve as much of the mucous 30 membrane of the part as is compatible with thorough removal of the tumor. Les poumons et le coeur sont sains: cap. We cannot undertake to return Manuscripts not used. Marked differential usually means an obstructive buildup of arteriosclerotic placpie material in the proximal diaphragm of the stetho.scope placed just below the clavicles will often reveal a murmur if a THE JOURNAL OF THE ARKANSAS MEDICAL SOCIETY are evaluated by listening with the diaphragm placed over the carotid bilnrcation which is just below the angle ol the mandible.