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In discussing this subject I shall refer principally to communications that have appeared during the past year, as they jointly embody the gist of earlier literature in the same line. The milk may be modified in various ways, and may then be more acceptable to the patient. Moden of Death in Pitlmonary Tuberculosis. The lovely Countess of Devonshire entertained him in her palace, and other high ladies lionized him nightly in their parlors, where he" performed his pleasant operations, with wonderful results, on the prettiest and most hysterical ladies present.""But his triumph was of short duration. These recommendations, in the hands of phosphate a committee of which Dr.

Prompt improvement in the general condition of the little patient usually follows, and is especially sodium marked in the easier breathing. Artificial respiration alone will not inaugurate heart contractions nor maintain blood pressure. In an hour afterwards there was a rigor, with vomiting, pain, and an escape of water.

But if he stop at the question of cure, or even of the prolongation of life, he must assuredly limit, in no small degree, his sphere of usefulness. Having wagged his enormous jaw a few times, by way of grace, he began eating and conversing alternately. The fibrin network between the corpuscles is usually tliiek and dense. The numerous recorded cases of Alibert's keloid in which the disease is supposed to have originated in undamaged skin, are probably all examples of imperfect observation. After considering the influence of maniacal symptoms on the piuerperal state, the cases were gone into which seemed to have no external origin, of which, twenty were reported.

Mayo Robson spoke strongly in favor hydrate of Penna. The drug produced such a disinfectant action on the skin, mucous membranes, and secretions that the disorder was kept from spreading.

No better summary of illustrated, of the application of llit'.r-rays in surgical diagnosis. Madam would not permit him to go on again, and we sang the duets from without accompaniment.

Slight fever has been known to follow the eating of decomposing substances or the drinking of stale beer; but the gastric juice has remarkable antiseptic properties, and the frequency with which persons take from choice articles which are" high," shows that poisoning is not likely to occur unless there is existing gastro-intestinal disturbance. It was not to be doubted that one of the chief reasons why so little of this work had been done was due to the fact that the general practitioner frowned upon it. In larger quantities, it appears promptly in capsule the urine and can be distinguished from serum albumin by biological reactions. No conceivable motive could be assigned for the imposition. The summit of the lung seems more frecpuMitly involved than in adults and the cerebral symptoms are more marked throughout.

There were no other tuberculous lesions in the body. To BECK: THE PATHOLOGY OF THE TISSUE, ETC. About eleven o'clock a messenger appeared in the room, who hastily summoned a certain young gentleman, a scion of one of the"first families" in town. Massage accomplishes much, but irrigation is decidedly the most effective, while introduction of curettes and spoons is to be deprecated. Local causes: Pericarditis is usually associated with fatty or parenchymatous changes in the superficial layers of the myocardium. I have already referred to absolute rest in bed, preferably in the open air, for a long period of time, if fever is present or if the tuberculous focus is rapidly progressing. Tho i)atieat should bo placed on a low chair with tho head well thrown back. What must be the weight of mischief manufactured each day along with the cigars, I don't know, but I feel safe in stating that it is at least equal with the and sixty feet long by five hundred and twenty-five wide, and is surrounded by a mole. Left membrana tympani macerated, congested, with the dermal layer peeling off, as well as from the inner end of the auditory canal, An artificial leech applied, relieved the pain at once.

While this proceeding served to lessen the apothecary's income for a time, it could not greatly benefit the prescribing physician.


The bacilli give an infallible indication of the existence of tuberculosis and iiiay be found in the sputum before the physical signs are at all definite.