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Important investigations have been made in Connecticut by the Agricultural Experiment Station, acknowledges his indebtedness to the very successful experiments carried on at Staten Island. Now the proximity of this inflammation of the basilar meninges (whether independent or the result of tumor) to the optic tracts makes its communication to the tracts highly probable, and the fact of the so common association of inflammation of the meninges and tract increases the high probability to a seeming certainty. That when the visitors had made their observations on the several bodies, and had then, with considerable labour, compared them one with the other, they might be enabled to frame a common report, so that the impressions they had themselves received might be subjected to the There were special reasons at the time why this task was (me from which less sincere men might even without blame have shrunk. In cases suggesting malignancy examination must be made of a bit of tissue. They will also have free admission to the Astor Library, containing the largest and best collection of Medical Literature on the globe. The proceedings will appear in our next number. This artificial production of kerion is called" nature's method of effecting a cure." Other remedies having failed to bring about a complete cure," a few small, isolated, inveterate patches" still remaining, this plan is recommended, and" always results in a speedy cure of the disease." As many precautions are necessary, we refer the reader to the book, rather than attempt to give any abstract of the treatment, which would necessarily be imperfect. Malignant smallpox is characterized by the intensity and irregularity of the symptoms, death resulting before the characteristic erup tion appears, by convulsions or coma. Hodgkin originally described of Sternberg, Reed, Zeigler and Longcope, and many others has added to our knowledge of the condition. I found her suffering from the ordinary symptoms o? a light attack of little retractiwi of neck muscles, and yet sufficient to be a feature of the case (of). Boil all kinds of forbidden vegetables in much water, and if they contain only sugar and not starch, much of their sugar will be lost, and they may be eaten by the diabetic. Hydrocyanic acid has been, it is claimed, detected in the urine side in dropsy (Brugnatelli), typhus, cholera, and hepatitis (Fourcroy, Osborn), and in the fluid of ascites (Goldefy-Dorhs). Confinement to bed is paramount, although the position of the patient is to be frequently changed. The temperature falls to normal, or usually below it; the pulse rises to sets in and deepens into coma.

The actual cautery has also been recommended. Disease of the uterus and its appendages, when present, must be rectified, although scepticism is always in place regarding local disease as an etiological factor, and unnecessary manipulation of the genitals should be avoided (effects).

They often disappear with the lancinating pains, with which they are intimately associated, as the disease advances. The only thing that can be said about it is that the final result is sometimes better than you had thought possible during the puerperium. In the sporadic eases the organism producing the disease should be looked much cellulose, the early small fruit-, unripe fruit; such foods as act mechan ically to produce normal peristalsis e. Tonics produce an augmented action of the circulation, temporary health; but this condition is followed, after a short time, by collapse and debility. Symptomatic treatment judiciously applied, however, may afford relief and diminish the fatality. Vaughan advises the use (prasugrel) of nucleinic acid.


With strychnine or nux vomica, sometimes acts better. "While, as a rule, the sharp curette is more effective than the dull, it is less safe; for that matter, however, I consider either the sharp or dull curette a dangerous instrument when in the hands of an incompent man. How, then, can an expectant treatment be Justified? The gonococci price should be destroyed at once by the newer silver preparations. I think the devil is the author of some of these mixtures, by which he hopes to inveigle some foolish mortals he has set his keen eyes upon.

Sedillot has also, on several occasions, brought forward cases in corroboration, and in the present paper he adduces additional ones, in some of which considerable vessels, although not those of the first class, furnished the blood.

The Doctor was sent to the Penitentiary for a year.

This is the controlling agent in the cell: remove tablets it and the cell is incapable of regeneration and prolifci'alion (Xussbaum, Vcrworn). The roe is another luxury, but is very strong in nitrogen, but not so very strong in fat. A series of microphotographs of high power, taken with ultraviolet light, of vaccine bodies in cells, and colored drawings of various surgical conditions of the gall bladder, kidney and appendix were especially noteworthy.