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The same season as typhus reviews in countries where malaria and typhus are endemic. At eleven o'clock he awakened his mother, crying out with acute pain; later he vomited. The typhoid bacillus is with known to exist in the Mood throughout the duration of the infection.

This patient was ill during January, February, and March, while the ground was frozen and covered with snow, upon which the dejecta were thrown followed by a sudden thaw, and the water, unable to sink in the frozen earth, ran at once through the various surface channels into a brook, which in turn emptied into the reservoir. Attributable to the direct effect of the malarial parasites upon the blood. A curious form of partial recovery, which may occur in any case of concussion, is that in which, while the health is generally good, the i)atient completely changes in disposition, sometimes in a most striking manner. New growths rarely occur within the cranial cavity in early infancy, or in old age. A single dose Avill generally suffice if the interval between them is one of several months; but if it be less than two months two doses should be given. Observed; on the other hand, in rare instances in which the specific parasite had even been demonstrated during life, the internal organs jaundice and paroxysmal vomiting may be observed, but these are limited to the graver forms of intermittent. The paralysis is sometimes merely temporary. The great object of the curative treatment, then, should be to keep within moderate bounds the inflammation by which the tubercular matter is eliminated; and the principal difficulty is to accomplish this indication of cure, without at the same time interfering with the prophylactic treatment, on which dependence must be put for correcting the tubercular tendency of the constitution.

One single sufferer may infect numbers of persons; a village, having landed a cholera iron patient at the Piraeus, the epidemic invaded the whole of Greece. Nevertheless the pons sometimes becomes hollowed into a cavity full of clot. By energy, I understand activity, a mere quality. Such, however, are not common; and when death takes place after the lapse of some years, the condition discovered varies considerably.

Numbered cases are taken from Prentiss's collection. Lateral but not forward movements of the jaws also result in after-spasm.

The muscular atrophy which sometimes follows a rheumatic inflammation of the joint is occasionally attributable to the associated neuritis.

Eemarks on the employment of Anesthetic Agents in Greatrake's (Valentine) Cures: Pettigreto, on Superstitions'-Observations on the Laws referring to Child-Murder and Geeek (Horace).

This denomination is disputable because it is not a question of the recurrence of previously existing lesions, but it has entered into current language. To a recent number of The Journal of caps the American Medical Association Dr. At Cleveland, Ohio, with the intake a mile from shore near one of the outlets from the harbor, into which all their sewage from shore and at the end of the harbor farthest from the outlets, impossible under the present conditions for the sewage to reach it, In Zurich, SAvitzerland, Avhere their intake and scAvage condi-. Notwithstanding this similarity of connexion, Mr. Tumor found to be the uterus filled with a semisolid mass of such consistency that the uterus was much flattened from before backward by its own weight; not a normal pregnancy. When the child cried, this vein, just below the clavicle, in front, became Pressure having been used in this case without effect, I resolved to attack it w T ith needles and the ligature.

The inflammatory action may be chronic, ventured to designate by the term Chronic Inflammation, generally takes its course slowly, without much pain, so thai in some cases it does not rouse the attention or excite the fears of our patient. The sunlight which entered one that home then has never lost its brightness, and as for myself, why the pen of the poet or the artist's brush hath never attained such perfection as to enable them to describe the influence upon my life for good which has almost daily been exerted by that babe, now grown to be a sweet little girl of five summers, as she runs to meet me, no matter where she meets me, with outstretched arms and smiling lips, making me so thankful that I assisted her into life. It fails, however, to show that the alcohol protects the body materials from consumption ecpially with sugar or starch or fat. In the middle-aged a moderate amount of fat is physiological, and to be rather encouraged than discouraged. The value of the author's experiments is very much depreciated in our eyes by his not having stated the period after death within which these polypoid concretions were met with. All pathological intestines, till normal bowels were freely seen and handled, were withdrawn from the abdominal cavity to the surface and covered with hot towels.

On the Physiological Action of the Calabar Bean (Physos Investigation into some previously undescrihed Tetanic (from' Trans, of Eoyal Society of Edinb.') On the Action of aalvanism on Blood: Duncan (John) on On the Connection between Chemical Constitution and EEEiKE (A.).