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The enormous glandular metastases contained 10 many cysts. The loss of the light reflex and the existence of ArgyU-Robertson's sign at times cause the disease to resemble tabes.


But if the reader will turn to the articles in this work which relate to these topics, he will find the symptoms so widely different from those enumerated in this article as belonging to peritonitis that he will be surprised that this item in the diagnosis should have occupied so much room. It may be inserted in different directions, so as to avoid entrance into the sac. At the necropsy the liver was found cirrhosed and the seat of a primary carci noma. This incomplete and disseminated paralysis has been variously interpreted: Charcot thinks that it is a question of muscular rigidity rather than a true weakness of the muscles; there are, however, cases in which the paresis is evident. Some one contributes an article on the treatment of pneumonia, liposome but the editor generously suppresses the name of the author.

Their presence is not free from danger, as they are very vascular, bleed readily, and are sometimes detached by the breaking of the pedicle during defecation.

The spleen was enlarged, and showed a dullness The chief symptoms were cerebral. The oil of cajeput is a most valuable drug in the treatment of excessive fermentation (Murrell). The exclusion of the child from school as a protective measure is, under the circumstances, imperative, with the result that it "10mg" loses valuable time, while the physician at fault loses the confidence of its parents.

On the other hand, he had made a diagnosis of Pott's disease in a little girl who had a board-like rigidity mg of the spine. Mental perception and thought are also slow, and the memory, while retentive, is slow to respond. In my opinion, Landerer has not brought forward sofBcient proof that in these cases stenosis of the pylorus existed since birth. It is wonderful sometimes to see how tolerant the stomach is of their presence. In the diarrhoea of old persons the discliarges are thin, yellow, offensive, and often frothy. That the ideal anesthetic has not yet been discovered, is unhappily only too true; that this much-to-be-hoped-for event will come along the line of thought suggested by general rather than local anesthesia or simple analgesia, and through an elimination of all the disagreeable features of the intrathecal surroundings, rather than a more or less transient suspension of the pain-transmitting function of the nerves involved in the operation, I am persuaded.

Acute ophthalmoplegia is said to be the reproduction of acute bulbar paralysis and of acute anterior spinal paralysis, but it has not been proved that this opinion is exact.

At its dawn the views of Gall injection had awakened interest not only in the scientific world, but in all the European centers of population. Orcliitis has been seen While complete defervescence with tlie period of eruption is the rule in discrete variola, the fever persists in the confluent form, or, at any rate, the defervescence is slow and incomplete, and some patients become pustules are surrounded by an inflammatory areola, and the umbilication disappears. In the majority of instances of hereditary transmission, however, both parents are syphilitic, and under these circumstances the liability to infect the oflspring is much augmented. The case was one of paratyphoid appendicitis. The three-year-old child was dull and apathetic, but had no diarrhea. The diversion of the bile from the intestine interferes in the digestion of certain materials; when the red blood-globules interferes with oxidation processes.

I have verified their value and their correctness in a patient with polyneuritis whom I saw with Raymond. The patch was not erysipelas, because the limit between the patch and the healthy skin was not well marked, and because there was no prominent edge, due to oedema and to accumulation of migratory leucocytes; moreover, the redness disappeared on pressure, which does not obtain in erysipelas. The skin should be anointed daily with cocoauut oil, olive, cottonseed ft.

A costal resection may be advisable.