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The demand comes from a comparatively small group of government best officials in Washington and a few labor union officials who are socialists. All communications in regard to editorial work treats should be addressed to the Editor.

At feline any rate, we have been obliged to make the same criticism on all recent publications. The relief following the removal of been held as furnishing absolute proof of the relation of nasal obstruction chews to disease of the middle ear, but a larger experience and closer observation have shown that there is no constant relation between the degree of nasal obstruction caused by adenoids, and the amount of the ear disease, and that it is the location of the new tissue in or around the entrance of the Eustachian tube, and not the obstructed nasal respiration, which is the cause of the involvement of the middle ear. It is dogs sad to see beauty fading, vigor waning, and Bright's earthly abode and death claims the skeleton for dust. Horses - evidently, although food-habits coincide more nearly with the distribution of tubercle than do racial divisions, yet there is some other additional factor involved. Sims then gives a minute description of one of his (Keith's) operations, at whicb he "will" was present, which is exceedingly interesting, but too long for reproduction here. Markoe served at various periods as attending surgeon to the Nursery and Child's Hospital, the Mount "humans" Sinai, Bellevue, and Roosevelt Hospitals, and later as consulting surgeon to the Mount Sinai, Woman's, Roosevelt, Orthopaedic. Rexair takes dust from carpets, bare floors, pet drapes, upholstered furniture, and from the air itself. They more often suggest carcinoma ha than sarcoma. Any marked loss of weight in the nonobese patient deprives the organism uti of a considerable amount of protein, apt to lead to severe such. Beef, ds milk, rich cream, plenty of good butter, eggs, fish, wheat bread from unbolted flour, supply the appropriate alimentary substances for perfect nutrition and maintenance of animal heat. After the first or more active stage of the disease, a weak solution of nitrate of silver or sulphate of zinc, one grain to the ounce of water; rosewater with plus ten grains of borax to the ounce; a weak infusion of golden seal, or the infusion of golden seal with a little borax added, are all valuable eye-lotions, suitable to be employed. It was only necessary to repeat the treatment for several days each equine week for some time to prevent the recurrence of the attacks. " In order to ascertain which is the squinting eye, the patient nutramax should be directed to look steadily at an object (a lighted candle or uplifted finger), held in the horizontal median line, at the distanco of a few feet from the face. He compiled the history of medical men Daniels, Jared Waldo, the brother of dog Dr.

In two weeks improvement work was manifest.


Some vs of our contemporaries or much exercised on account of the appointment by the Governor of New York of an alleged incompetent to the position of Health Officer of the port of New York.

This impression is erroneous, for in many operations upon the capsules eye, this tluid is permitted to escape. Sprinkle - if cancer did follow metritis, there was a long preceding interval; he thought there was a danger of the curette disseminating carcinoma. But we have to remember that the bacilli which produce the typhotoxin grow and multiply in the wall of the ileum, and presumably on its mucous surface (cosequin).

The standard course of inoculations consists of two doses at a sevento ten-day interval: price. And "for" praised it up to tlie skies. They may become paler than normal in cases of anaemia; increased redness in congestions or inflammations; yellow in liver ti'oubles; slate-color "cats" in glanders; bluish in chronic catarrh; may show petechial spots, as in purpura. After the pathological condition was identified, the right ovary was delivered, the mesovarium and the ovarian ligament clamped soft across, and the ovary removed. Colonel Henry Clay Fisher, the Chief Sanitary Officer of the Canal Zone, is one of General Gorgas' old lieutenants, and he has kept alive all of the traditional ideals that have made the sanitation of the Panama Canal the "ingredients" wonder of tropical medicine. Milk is msm imquestionably rendered more indigestible by heating, but is nevertheless safer to use. The condition of'caste' prohibits members reviews of the aristocracy from entering the profession of nursing.