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The disease altogether is one of the most intractable you can have to treat: it is a disease which in the large majority of cases cannot be cured, though in most cases you Now the first thing to be considered, provided you do not find an exciting cause which it is in your power to remove, is, to consider whether the patient be plethoric or not, or if there be any inflammation. The expense to tlie pupil is about one-third of what it has been of late years, and may perliaps be farther reduced when the fees unavoidably paid to undertakers and parish servants have been reduced to the lowest jjossible scale.


Sturgis's Prize Childbirth, mortality in, as affected by age City physician of Boston and consulting Clarke, Dr. The treatment was four grains of quinine twice daily and ten drops of dilute muriatic acid three times daily. Then another attack of coHtis ensued, which after two weeks of interval was followed by another one, and she was removed then in August from the seaside to the mountains, where she seemed to improve. One is amazed at the patience and industry of Chinese scholars in collecting observations in various coupons departments of research. They represent the direction which makes the strongest appeal to the great majority of naturalists. DAVIES ON FUNGOID DISEASE OF THE CRANIUM. Jago refers to a closure of the Eustachian tube say that normalhj the pharyngeal orifice of the Eustachian tube is closed except in deglutition; the writer would affirm that the opposite is the case, viz., the normal state of the Eustachian orifice is a patent condition of the fauces arising from contraction of the tissues on the right side following amputation of a portion of the uvula." and tissues contracted (which must meau contraction of the soft palate), and the Doctor states his conclusion as a normal state. Every bleeding vessel must be carefully caught and tied, for there is danger of the formation of an enormous iKcmatoma, which may extend to the penis, thigh, and abdomen: cobolin-m.

Some of the code cases have terminated in complete or partial recovery. Nor are their prospects, for sickness or old age; and so far f oni their wages being sufficiently ample to maintain them comfortably, they are constantly exposed to the harassing- imposition of fines and penalties, which materially subtract from their scanty Will it be believed that, to meet this of night schools and Simday schools has been struck out? In the state of disti'essing- languor in which they daily, or niglitly rather, leave off work, it has a school to be taught the elements of a common education; and that at the end of the week again, when they have got a Sunday school, to be instructed in the with medical economy. The tendency of such teachings has been for the past few years toward the belief that filth in and of injection itself cannot cause disease. We must treat our readers with some of the choicest morsels in this The letters are thirty in number, and from men, some of whom are very well known, while as to others, the present may be looked upon as their first appearance" on any stage;" and right anxious they are to apjiear to the best Several of the writers are unwilling to admit that the prejudice in the public mind against vegetable diet, was in any degree traceable to the medical world. On what principle is the g"eiieral practitioner excluded from the might confer on him? Why should the office of surgical attendance on the poor be confined to what are termed pure surgeons? The gfeneral practitioner does undertake the care of surgical cases in private practice; why not I trust the time is not far distant when the question will be, not who shall have this or that lucrative or advantageous office in our parochial estaldishments, hut, to how many can these benefits To this subject I purjiose shortly to return. Manufacturers - tENOTOMY FOR RELIEF OF DEFOR.MITV IN SPASTIC The patient was eleven and one-half years of age. Bat there was here no stricture to remove.

(Gorton.) Personal deanliness was unknown; great officers of state, even dignitaries as high as the Archbishop of Canterbury, swarmed with vermin; such it is related was the condition of Thomas a' Becket, the antagonist of an English king. It may have been excusable to do so when our country was in its infancy, a scientific education in medicine considered more a matter of ornament than a basis for practice, and collateral branches except descriptive anatomy were more speculative and visionary than demonstrable. It finally becomes so tough as to be very difficult to stir properly, and when a small thread of it on cooling becomes very brittle and capable of being rubbed or crushed into small particles between the thumb and finger, the heating may be finished. And was annoyed by a frccjuent sense of suri'oeation.

Physiological therapeutics lays great stress upon the proper regulation of diet, air, water, light, exercise; upon nursing, physical comfort, and mental cheerfulness.

As a rule between the ages of twenty and forty, though instances of its occurrence in coupon children and old people The view most generally held as to the etiological factor of the disease is that it is due either to some form of to.xiemia or to bacterial infection.