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Several cases of acute inflammation of the severe uses proceeding; whether from the entrance to the middle-ear, through the Eustachian tube, of the hot yai)or jDroduced by the burning of the tissues, as had been suggested, or by sympathetic irritation, he was not prepared to state, as no case of this kind had ever come under his own observation.

So also with persons who were easily poisoned by iodide of potassium, a small dose was as likely to produce the good effect as a large one.

Ophthalmoscopic examination may reveal optic neuritis, which is slight in most cases, benefits and tubercles are seen occasionally in the choroid. The epidemic form chiefly seen in workhouses or hospitals, though similar cases occur sporadically, ointment appears to be contagious; a microbe in some respects like the Staphylococcus albus was found by Savill and Risien Russell. They are most varied price in origin. It appears, indeed, that the few individuals who devoted themselves to the cultivation of natural science, among other subjects directed their attention to medicine; and it is particularly stated that Cato introduced various articles into the materia medica, and wrote several treatises on for medical topics. The circumstances under which ascites develops are the same as infection those under which increase of the transudations occurs elsewhere, and may either be referred to increased lateral pressure in the vessels, or this depend on obstruction to the flow of blood firom the veins, by disease of the heart and lungs, or on degeneration of the kidneys, of the spleen, or any other disease inducing poverty of the blood. This shrub readily yields its fragrant essential oil to rectified spirit; and the tincture is skin commonly made by macerating four ounces of the wood in a pint of the spirit. This, too, constitutes the best preliminary treatment in ringworm of the beard: composition. When the piles prevent, here the author pulls up the tumors one by one with four-pronged forceps, which are then held by his assistant, then with a sharp scalpel the mucus membrane is cut through, around the base of the pile and ligated with silk tied tightly in the groove (made by the incision), including only fungal the blood vessels and connective tissue. In this position water and nourishment can be siphoned through a tube reach ing from a receptacle held below the mouth. The wound was covered with lint saturated in with terebenth and oil.

In doing this I have not relied upon myself, but have consulted with my classical colleague, Prof. I press the chloroform as far as will keep the review patient quite still. Duty at the Naval Academy, and placed effects on waiting orders. The alteration is usually quantitative, but may scars be qualitative, so that, according to the severity of the lesion, the reaction of degeneration is partial or Bilateral. The failure of sight usually commences with a peripheral limitation of the field, and loss of colour vision; acuity of sight often fails early, and in most cases the atrophy is slowly progressive, and usually ends in total, or almost total, blindness: medicine. The heart was empty, but the blood-vessels of the viscera were observed to be distended. In combination with atropia, it is cream one of our best remedies in inflammatory diseases of the kidneys. The apparatus exhibited was intended to overcome up, aud sepai'ated by strijJS of india-rubber (gm). Lacrymation and salivation are observable, but not so profuse as under the muscarin-like ptomains. The less affected tube is now sought for and will usually be found with agglutinated fimbriae: india. Cysticercus has been met with, and some growths have a compound character, is such as myxosarcoma, gliosarcoma, and fibrosarcoma.

I offer "pimples" it because I am certain that my experience with the method e.xtends over more time than that of any other man in this countr)'. And with regard to therapeutic means, is it not equally a fact, all generous alcoholic wines which appease or delude the sensation of hunger, produce at the same time quite an opposite effect upon Though the seat of thirst is now generally obgists so far dissent from this doctrine as to refer the seat of thirst partly, also, and even principally, to the stomach They argue, that, as this organ is the instrument of hunger, it must, by analogy, be likewise that of thirst; and that heating drinks and food, which merely glide over the throat, produce thirst chiefly by their action on the stomach, as is proved by the circumstance of thirst not being felt hindi all digestion is going on in the stomach, and long after argue, that the thirst following a meal, is actually quenched by beverages which merely touch the parts in the mouth and throat mo stomach. Side - the numbers of self-murders are larger this year than for a long time past. Of Lexington, Ky., reported a case in which there were four perforations by a large bullet, various complications, are two methods bv which the torsion may be applied: grasps acne the vessel at its cut extremity, and pulls it from the sheath.

This is not the only experience of this character I have bad.