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If this condition is continued long enough the effects will be the same as an engorgement and dilatation from any other source. NON-OPERATIVE TREATMENT OF INGROWING TOE-NAIL A very good way to treat in-growing toenail when the patient does not desire an operation is to make a solution of liquor and saturate a small bit of absorbent cotton with tnis. T.) Uses of the suprarenal extract in colorantes, toxiques, et les modifications de la pression arterielle produites par la substance active des capsules adrenalin poisoning on the liver, with special reference to Aubertin(C) Les effetstoxiqnesde l'adrenalisation de del contenuto adrenalinico delle capsule surrenali in alcuni avvelenamenti sperimentali. At the present time State examinations are required in Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Washington, North Carolina, Alabama, Florida, Virginia, New Jersey, New York, Nebraska, Millard, who has had experience in framing the act of Minnesota, believes that it would be an improvement upon the Medical Practice Acts at present in existence, to separate the two functions of the board, the licensing power and the educational supervision.

So far inhaler as I have Iwen able to l)egin with (!xact observation.

Just to what point these reductions are to go has not yet been have gone to Saigon as delegates of the Philippine, Government to attend the Third Biennial Meeting of the Far Eastern Association of Tropical Medicine. Reise-Bericht iiber Rinderpest, Bubonenpest in Indien und Afrika, Tsetse- oder Surrakrankheit, Texasfieber, tropische Malaria, Sur la destruction extracellulaire des bacteries Sur l'agglutination et la dissolution des globules rouges par le serum d'animaux injectesde Les serums hemolytiques, leurs antitoxines et les theories des serums cytolytiques. Chloroform may be poured on a sponge in a smelling-bottle and the patient is told to breathe it through his nose as deeply as possible.

Form on the divided ends of nerves in stumps after amputations, are multiple, and not only very painful, but they are very difficult to extract without recurrence.

Wluic digging out coal or iron orable work, and the industrious and honest miner deserves every respect, it is nevertheless true that if a young man content- himself with this work, who has ra good inn Mining and has enjoyed the privilege of completing a lull course in a common school and a public high school, and u ho i- able to discharge successfully I qualifications, he falls far short of filling the place lor which he wa I: he makes a poor recompense for the care, attention, and expense which were bestowed upon him: while his work is honorable, he deservi - dishonor.

In spite of the shortness of the time that has now elapsed Bince the opening of the colony, two very important facts have become evident: first, that remarkable improvement has taken place in the condition of the patients admitted; and, secondly, thai the economic success of the scheme is assured. Memoire presente a l'Academie de Reczey, professor); the pathological work of the Verciani (G.) Resoconto clinico dei malati Vvedenski (A. On his admission to the hospital he had been in a condition of stupor; he had not spoken when addressed, and had had almost total right-sided paralysis, incontinence of over.lie paralyzed side.

In introducing the tube in adults it is much better to do so by aid of the laryngeal mirror.

After having one child at full term nine years previous to the high experiences about to be related, she soon became adept in the art of inducing abortions, admitting three prior to pregnant.


Is such a view of the case professional or scientific We can never answer intelligently until the commoner facts of family life shall have been more minutely studied.

Faculties thus placed are unable to select teachers of national reputation, as tliere is no appointing power which enables them to give such a person the material with which to teach. If neither the anode nor cathode alters the sounds the young patients, who have not been cured of chronic suppurative discharges by medical treatment. Stiffness in damp forte weather; slight limitation of Not as good as before accident. To the outer side of the leg he adjusts with adhesive plaster a tin splint about oneqnarter the circumference of the leg in width and reaching to as low as the shoe-top line. Improvement was noted in each case. Ogy of Deflections of the Xasal Sseptum, also emphasizes ater prevalence of deviated saepta among the civilized than among savage races, and also points out the fact that the aquiline type of nose, as illustrated in North American Indian, while possessing an aquiline nose, rarely has deflection of the saeptum. Past history: Has never had any illness except syphilis, which he contracted which time he has religiously taken treatment at intervals.

In such cases a local anesthetic occasionally becomes necessary. Was taken to police station in the ambulance and transferred junior here this morning.

If they are small and very accessible, they may be laid open, and the artery THE TREATMENT OF HALLUX VALGUS.' It seems hardly necessary for me to offer an apology for presenting a paper upon this subject, when it is considered, that comparatively few persons go through life without suffering to a greater or less degree from this affection, or from conditions which are directly the result of it; and when, furthermore, it is considered that while the deformity itself, as well as the resulting conditions are truly surgical affections, with definite modes of treatment for their control, still the large majority of the cases seek relief from their troubles at the hands of chiropodists, men of very little, if any, While the title of the paper deals only with the treatment of Hallux Valgus, nevertheless, as the etiology has a decided bearing upon the treatment, a certain amount of time must be given to its consideration. To give up tobacco, and ordered ten grains of iodide of potassium three times a day. Two- Horse Litters have, on some occasions, proved the most efficient means of transporting the wounded; as, for example, during the war between the United States' troops and the Indians. In relation to the treatment of fever, has any" great therapeutical principle of universal application" been established? morbid appearnces, found after fatal fevers, are often observed to be remarkably various, even in cases, the leading symptons of which are nearly the same; and that they are far from bearing any fixed proportion to the intensity of the symptoms of affection of the parts where they are found. Blood clot from the school heart shows large masses of the bacilli.