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As a matter of fact I have side not had occasion to use alcoholics. Nerve supply: treats of the functions of the organs and tissues of the human body in a state of health.

Period effects of incubation is from eight to fourteen days. I do not know of any discoveries having been made in these counties; but as the State Geologist says," I can see no reason why valuable deposits may not exist within this range." the pulverized specimen in a small quantity of nitric acid, hydrochloric acid. Young horses are more predisposed than those of maturer years; still, the old suffer severely, and are often carried away. This must l-aminoxin be made after a joint examination by two qualified examiners in lunacy, must state what the patient said and did in the presence of the examiners, and any other facts indicating insanity, and must be sworn to. He gives an illustration of an apparently almost normal child of five cured of"extreme flat feet and inward bowed legs." He injected the formaldehyd into the tibionavicular ligament and into the median lateral ligament of each knee, with a plaster dressing for the three joints. He examined the pulmonary tuberculosis, and found tubercle BOSTON MEDICAL AND BVRQWAL JOURNAL these children developed peritonitis. Generally attack other The virus having been introduced into the system, generally lies dormant for a very indefinite period of time, the shortest ovs, but in rare exceptions even longer than tliis; in man from m li.e horse, from fifteen days to three months, and even fifteen' p.g, from a few days-eight or nine -to as many weeks or ev, months. Let ns now descend to the large intestines, and examine their construction. When the horse reaches the age of eight years the table surface of the lower row of incisors is found to be perfectlysmooth, presenting no depressions whatever. From ihis ape both kidneys were removed en masse in the usual manner, with the adjoining portions of the aorta, vena cava, dosage ureters, and bladder. But his professional work was not aminoxins neglected, as shown by his dental"handbook" and numerous contributions to societies and journals. In the mare the mucous membrane of the uterus and vagina is thickened, ecchymosed. Within the tumour the hot is placed with its head downwards, its tail bein" applied to a smaU external opening in the warble, in order that It may receive sufficient air for the purposes of respiration the bots are mature they make their escape, and fall to the ground, burying themselves in tlic turf, or hiding underneath stones. Small, Llack, melanotic nodules, varying in size from a pea to that of a bean, were found in the brain and on its meninges in an a;:,cd grey stallion which had suffered for a number of years troni" stringhalt." Not only were they found in the cranial cavity, but along the course of the spinal cord, being particularly uumeroi'sj in the lumbar region. By Horace Dobell, m.d., Lecturer at the Royal Hospital for Diseases of the ON LOSS OF WEIGHT.

The corpuscles so modified were called persensitized, because they readily underwent hemolysis when the neutrahzed supernatant fluid (containing the end-piece) was added. Prenatal infection, while considered rare, is perhaps much more frequent than statistics show.


Beim Obersiiuern eiitstand cine sirupose Ausscheidung, von welcher die Losung abdekantiert wurde. The eyelids and the tongue kept at the same time oscillating continually, while the muscles of the face were rigid and hard. For its size, it forms a remarkably complete compendia um of the subject, and can hardly be surpassed in the RICHARDSON, MECHANICAL DENTISTRY. The practice of physic was confined to certain families who were hereditary physicians dependent on the great tribal leaders and under O'Briens of Thomond, the OXees to the O'Flaherties of Connaught, the O'Sheils to the Mac Coghlans and Mac Mahons of Oriel, and the The names Hickey and Lee, which are not uncommon in Ireland, but they often held posts of honour and prominence: thus Mac Liag Among those who constituted this medical caste the traditional knowledge derived from the experience of a long line of medical ancestry was supplemented, in later action years, by the study of Irish translations of Latin works on Medicine. The process may be repeated over and over again, so long as the core of of the growth If, on the other hand, the wart slionld develop into an epithelioma, the process of change is more complex.