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Notwithstanding hi.s great experience, and tho pains and attention he evidently devoted to these cases, the diagnosis of the exact situation of tlie abscess was far more difficult than the operation planned for its relief.

No great results seem to have followed these eflforts. Donaldson claimed a like service from his friends. We propose only to make a brief expression of on opinion, upon the question under discussion, viz.


It has been shown by Henson and Voelcker that in the hinder part of the floor of the third ventricle there are three such centres; of which the one in front controls the action of the ciliary muscles, and so regulates accommodation, while the middle one regulates contraction, and the posterior one dilatation, of the pupils.

Massei (Naples), Meyjes (Amsterdam), Myles (Neiv York), formula Holger Mygind (Copenhagen), Porter (St. Chapman was distinguished as much for the charm of his manner in the sick chamber, as for skill and success in prescribing. Which the hair is faid to become alive and bleed, forming inextricable knots or plaits of great length, like the fabled head of Medufa, with intolerable pain, fo as to confine the fufferer on irritative or inirritative fever, may be dircinguiftied from either of them by the lefs comparative diminution of mufcular ftrength;' or in other words, from its beincr probiotic attended with lefs diminution of the fenforial power of irritation".

It should be repeated at the opposite border of the nail, supposing both lateral margins to be By this little expedient I have lately resuscitated a poor fellow the Kevue Med.

The whole of the grounds were brought into use for the purposes of the entertainment, and the eastern and western lawns were brilliantly illuminated by Chinese lanterns and coloured lights. When cooled off, fill in glass jars, and tie up closely.

On Tuesday last, at a meeting of the City Commissioners of Sewers, Dr. Coffee, entering into direct relation to the blood vessels, must, of course, be an agent upon poisonous material, having the same relation; and the fact is, that about all poisons to which it is an antidote, exercise their direct action equally upon the blood. He asked them, therefore, to make it permissible, in the case of Colonial and Indian Branches, that thoy should elect representatives who did not reside within the area of their Branches. See Medical Directory, Maryland and District of Kemp, Wilxiam Frederick Amelung.

Who is deservedly esteemed and respected, and by no one more than by the writer.

They are hyaline, generally waxy, casts which characterised by the presence of obvious fat globules, which are sometimes of considerable size. These symptoms increase when the patient stands up or walks, but on assuming a horizontal position, they are scarcely felt. The changes in the fibro-muscular part of the cervix which follow erosion, render the first period sometimes very long.

As these remedies cannot be very well applied to all parts of the body, for instance to the face, bags filled with aromatic herbs, particularly camomile flowers, with two grains of camphor, may be applied as warm as possible. Medical service has been secured on a full time basis and by competent, standardized, and the environment produced for the welfare of the patient, has, we believe, attained to a degree of perfection unequaled in any state system healthsense of county sanatoriums. Photograph must be unmounted and the following statement should be complete copied (not pasted) on the back: I,, Notary Public, in and for county of, am personally acquainted with county and State, that this is his photograph and signature, written in my presence, that he is the original of said photograph, and is an applicant for examination before Indiana Board of Medical Registration and Examination.