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What The Treatment Room clients say...

Dean and Jane Richards

I have recently used the services of Nick Skinner both for myself and my wife with tremendous results.

My wife was suffering on and off with the pain in her leg/hip which was somewhat debilitating and quite painful and increasing in frequency.A discussion with our doctor led to advice to rest and take a Paracaetamol. Being a teacher it was probably a symptom of standing all day.

However, after listening to testimonials for Nick from our BNI group, I made an appointment for my wife. She was not over impressed but went to see Nick anyway. A good job she did!Nick diagnosed the problem as a muscular problem in the lower back and he proceeded to give treatment/massage for this. The results were fairly immediate and after several visits to Nick it is safe to say the problem is solved. My wife now gets no pains and the problem has gone away. Fortunately for me, I am firmly in her "good books" for making that initial appointment.

Nick, you have done a tremendous job and I pass on our grateful thanks for the treatments and your undoubted skill.

I highly recommend Nick and his skills for all your Strains and Sprains.

Many thanks.

Stewart Cliff

Being an aerial fitter can be physically strenuous and lead you to working in cramped or awkward situations. It is difficult to avoid the occasional strain or pulled muscle, additionally there is repetitive work ratcheting straps together etc. and this can lead to other types of injury.

Personally I credit Nick Skinner with keeping me "on the road". Having tried other therapies I can honestly say that with Nick I have had a positive result every time and now have regular check ups to make sure that everything is working fine.

I whole heartedly recommend him to any other workers who have to put physical effort into their daily routine.

Robert Murdy

Just a quick note to thank you for your recent efforts to alleviate the problems both Darren and I have been experiencing. These old injuries have plagued us both for a considerable amount of time and we had both consigned them to being "nagging" problems which we should just put up with.

After visiting you for a consultation it became apparent that a course of treatment would help the situation. We both signed up and awaited the results. After initial scepticism I was encouraged to find increased movement in my shoulder and now find it better than it has been for years. Darren's back and neck are similarly improved.

The initial aches and pains soon pass and are well worth suffering for the end result. Thanks again for all your efforts you really do know what you are doing.

John McCay

Generally we look after our cars better than our bodies. Since I have been treated by Nick, he has redressed that to allow me to enjoy my sports to the full.

His professional skill and approachable style has resulted in the treatment of my aches and strains being a very rewarding experience.

I believe Nick's greatest asset is his holistic approach, he finds out why a pain or strain is happening and normally finds that the cause is related to another part of the body, this means a higher rate of recovery.

I have no hesitation in recommending Nick's services and was very pleased that my previous referral gained Nick the opportunity to conduct treatments at the Village Hotel, Nottingham.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for a reference if you are considering using his services.

Pam Wheatley

I felt I must write and let you know how much better I feel after just two sessions of remedial massage.

Not only are my shoulders and neck virtually free of soreness and tension, the breathing techniques and relaxation exercises that you showed me are invaluable.

I was particularly impressed with your depth of knowledge of the various techniques that can be used to improve the wellbeing of the body.

Many thanks Nick

Nigel Tollit

Having participated in various sports, including athletics and rugby along with weight training over the past 30 plus years, it is fair to say I had managed to pick up a large quantity of niggling injuries which were progressively deteriorating.

When I reached the point of almost total breakdown from competitive sports, through an arm and shoulder ailment, I dragged myself along for diagnosis and treatment.

I had previously heard many good words spoken regarding Nick's "healing hands" and thought at least I would be seeing someone who came with recommendations, giving sceptical me some comfort.

I think it is reasonable to say that my injury/injuries haven't been that easy to diagnose and treat due to multiple niggles gathered over a number of years.

I can only praise Nick in the way he has managed to systematically home in on the key areas and work wonders to repair the damage.

In short he has worked miracles, enabling me to once again participate in sport. This, I believe, is beneficial mentally as well as physically.

Judging by the number of fellow B.N.I. members I see in his waiting room I am not alone in this judgment. I would strongly recommend, and have done, Nick to anyone in need of any such treatment.

Malcolm Holden

The treatment that you gave to me in mid-December 2006 and the recommended exercises (which I have been following religiously ever since) did the trick. I have been playing squash regularly since the start of January with no back problems whatsoever.

As a consequence, I will of course be recommending your service at every opportunity.

Ivor Ellis

Running my own business as a telecommunications supplier and installer, it is important that I keep myself fit and mobile.

Last year I had the misfortune of breaking my ankle, which made my working life interesting for 6 weeks whilst I was unable to drive. At the end of the six weeks the hospital did not offer me any physio and I therefore went to Nick for advice.

After a course of treatments, I was confident enough to start playing 5-a-side football (with a lot of care), but feel this was only possible because of the treatment received from Nick.

I have, and would still, recommend Nick to anyone who has suffered from a break or has any aches or pains.

Thanks again Nick

Katherine Andrews

What a mess my back was in when I first came to see you five months ago. Having suffered a weakness in my back for many years, this last very painful episode led me to seek some professional advice on lower back problems and your services came highly recommended.

I have really appreciated the care that you have taken to ensure that the treatment and advice I received at Strains and Sprains were appropriate and effective over the long term. As with all changes to bad habits, some of your advice was difficult to take, but you have been proved right on every occasion. When I fell and bruised my back at the side of the swimming pool recently, I immediately followed your advice on stretching slowly and regularly. What in the past would have meant a week of pain and stiffness was all but forgotten within 48 hours. What a revelation!

I would be happy to recommend your services to anyone and I now feel that no matter what happens my strains and sprains are in safe hands.